the True Story of the Romanov Execution

  • Season five of “The Crown” depicts the deaths of the Russian royal family in gruesome detail.
  • The Romanovs were subsequently executed in 1918 Bolshevik revolutionaries overthrew the monarchy.
  • Here’s what the Netflix show gets right and wrong about the British royal family’s involvement.

Episode six of the final season of “The Crown” kicks off with a different royal family than what viewers have become accustomed to over the past five seasons.

In a flashback to the early 20th century, King George V (Richard Dillane) has a cozy breakfast with his wife, Mary of Teck (Candida Benson), and son, the future King Edward VIII (Adam Buchanan), interrupted by a rather urgent matter.

The King’s aide hands him a letter from Downing Street informing him that the government intends to send a ship to rescue Tsar Nicholas II and his family, who were held captive in their own country. However, they will only do this with the King’s permission, as the Tsar is his cousin.

While viewers do not see the reaction of the British monarch and his wife, the next scene shows in gruesome detail the consequences of King George’s decision as the Tsar, his wife and five children are brutally murdered by Bolshevik revolutionaries.

Here’s how the events of the episode compare to what really happened to the Romanov dynasty.

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