Boy, 5, Saved by Family as Python Drags Him Into Swimming Pool in Australia

A five-year-old Australian boy who was bitten by a 10-foot-tall python and dragged into a swimming pool only survived the ordeal thanks to his family’s swift action. Beau Blake was walking past the swimming pool at his home in the southeastern state of New South Wales when the snake clung to him. “I believe the python was sitting there waiting for a victim, a bird or something, and Beau was it,” Beau’s father, Ben Blake, told NBN News. The snake – which may have been a carpet python – twisted around Beau’s leg, causing him to fall into the water. “Before he even hit the bottom of the pool, it was completely wrapped around the leg,” added Ben. Beau’s grandfather jumped into the water and passed the boy – still in the grip of the snake – to Ben, who in turn squeezed the snake’s neck to release Beau. Fortunately, the snake was not venomous and Beau was treated for the stab wounds. When asked if he had anything to do with pythons, Ben said, “Oh look, that’s where we live. It’s Australia.”

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