Wild Final Play of Browns-Steelers Was Ultimate Bad Beat for Bettors

The outcome of the Steelersbrowns On Thursday-evening’s game, there wasn’t much doubt late in the game when Cleveland came away victorious, but the result of the last game was still important to many people.

Pittsburgh had the ball deep in their own territory six with nine seconds left, so for their final game they called a lateral to try and take a miraculous win. Things didn’t go as planned, as the Steelers ended up fidgeting the ball on their own goal line, leading to the Browns getting the ball back into the endzone for a defensive touchdown.

Normally, that game only matters to fantasy footballers who have the Browns defense on their team. However, the over for this game was 40.5 on many sportsbooks, so the last touchdown was also the over for the game.

The two teams came together for 27 points in the first half, making it look like the over was about to strike. A lower scoring second half, however, kept the score in check for the under to potentially hit.

That was until the Steelers last game went so bad that the score went over the official line, breaking the hearts of under-gamblers everywhere and saving the over-gamblers.

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