Why is my approved SASSA R350 rejected again? was your SASSA R350 rejected again after approval?

Most SRD applicants keep asking why their approved SASSA R350 status changes to denied.

Unfortunately, SASSA initially approved many Covid-19 SRD R350 grants, but later changed their status to deny.

Again, other beneficiaries of SASSA SRD R350 scholarships are complaining about their R350 status showing as approved and with payment date and later denied.

So why does SASSA reject approved R350 grants?

Why is my approved SASSA R350 rejected again? Don’t worry, this article will help you solve that problem.

According to SASSA, if you check your SASSA R350 scholarship and it was found to be approved but later declined, it means that SASSA is doing further verification on your bank account and found that you have an income of more than R350 in your account.

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This will cause SASSA to revert your approved SRD R350 scholarship to denied as you have a source of income above the scholarship eligibility threshold.

For your information, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) will verify your bank account details before you are approved for the Covid-19 SRD R350 scholarship.

What caused the Approved status to revert?

SASSA’s further verification of your bank account details, you have more than R350 in your account and this disqualifies you from getting the SRD R350 grant.

Why is my approved SASSA R350 rejected again?

Therefore, if you are looking for answers to approved SASSA grant changed to denied, approved R350 with payment date changed to denied, then you should know that SASSA believes you do not meet the income threshold for the grant.

What to do after Aapproved SASSA R350 rejected again?

The only option since then is to file an appeal for reconsideration SASSA has rejected your R350 application.

SASSA can check your bank account details again after receiving your appeal.

If your SASSA R350 scholarship was accidentally declined, SASSA will revert your declined status to approved and process your payment.

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