What we learned via jury segment (day 79)

There was a jury segment that aired on big brother 24 tonight, and of course we were curious about many different things. To begin with, simply take this: what have we actually learned in terms of the game?

For those of you looking for drama, this was definitely a disappointment: They didn’t show much when it came to conflict. Instead, they focused more on the moves themselves and the judges’ reactions.

The big takeaway now? Nobody seems to be so happy with Turner. He has been way too balanced and relaxed. We think he was honest in Michael’s parting note that he didn’t want the veto to be used; however, that doesn’t do him any favors in the game. Also, Alyssa is mad at him and that could be another problem.

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Meanwhile, there are a lot of pro-Monte people out there. At various times, Joseph, Terrance, and Kyle each had very positive things to say about him, and Monte gets more credit for the step of taking Michael out. Based on what we actually see, Taylor would be better off taking Turner to the last two about Monte, though we’re not sure if she knows or could know that.

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The saddest moment of the segment has to go to Joseph, who looked crushed when he learned that Monte and Taylor slept in the same bed for days. He was mature about it, but you could tell from his reaction just how much he really cared about her.

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In general, we think Brittany can do something to change the balance of power, but we’re just not sure how many people will listen to her. She has some influence, but we think a few people have made up their minds.

What did you think of tonight’s big brother 24 jury piece?

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