Videos From Russia Show Anger and Heartbreak Over Ukraine Conscriptions

  • Vladimir Putin announced that civilians would be mobilized to fight in the war against Ukraine.
  • Viral videos show men saying goodbye to their families and others fighting cops.
  • Some Russians have fled the country, while others are protesting the mobilization order.

After Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that 300,000 reservists would be ordered to fight in the country’s war against Ukraine, a spate of videos began circulating on social media depicting scenes of conscription. The videos show families crying, children crying out for their draft fathers, groups of men shuffling on buses and civilians arguing with authorities.

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One of the most shared videos, posted by Pjotr ​​Sauer, a journalist for The Guardian credited to Siberian news channel Tayga for the footage shows a group of men in heavy coats carrying bags on a bus. The men hug others who appear to be relatives, including a child pressed against the bus window to say goodbye.

The clip was shot Thursday morning in Yakutsk, a Russian city in eastern Siberia, the post says. An activist from Yakutsk told The New York Times that authorities were taking conscripts from villages by plane.

In another videoshared by The Telegraph, a Russian man described how he got a draft announcement despite being a student, and that an officer said he had to leave so soon that his mother might not be able to get out of work in time to see him off.

A video with almost two million views seems show local citizens in the Dagestan region, arguing with a recruitment officer, who urged people to fight for the future, according to a Belarusian journalist who shared the clip on Twitter. In response, one man reportedly said, “We don’t even have a present, what future are you talking about?”

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Insider also previously reported on a viral video showing a crying and crying child: “Daddy, goodbye, please come back!” while a crowd of men could be seen loading onto a bus. The video was originally shared by the BBC’s Will Vernon, who said the video’s legitimacy had been verified.

There are also videos with men presenting the subpoena they received while others show scenes from within where Russian men are already lined up.

The videos began to spread on social media after Putin announced conscription on Wednesday, resulting in widespread tensions as many tried to leave the country as mass protests erupted in specific cities and regions.

Despite Putin calling it a “partial mobilization” of civilians, the chairman of a local activist group told The Guardian it was a “100% mobilization”, with some people outside the expected reach of conscripts with combat experience posting a message. received. Russia has reportedly drafted students with no military history and a 62-year-old man with a brain disorder and second-degree diabetes.

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The mobilization has also led to Russians trying to flee the country to avoid being drafted into the war, the BBC reported on Friday, with long lines at border crossings and officials in neighboring countries showing the potential for Russian citizens seeking refuge. addressed. The Kremlin denied that civilians tried to flee.

The Russian army has suffered losses in the past month when a major counter-offensive by Ukrainian forces recaptured large swaths of occupied territory from Russian forces in the northeast of the country.

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