13-year-old girl charged in fatal shooting of teen

Memphis, Tennessee – Police have arrested a 16-year-old girl in Parkway Village for a shooting.

Police returned fire at about 8 p.m. on Curtis Street.

Takeyah Nelson was inside a house with her friends when a gun went off and she was hit in the head. She was taken to LeBonheur in critical condition where she was pronounced dead.

The sentiment comes days after Takeyah Nelson was found shot inside the home. We spoke with her cousin, Helenor Wade, on the phone.

“It’s hard for anyone to work. It’s hard for anyone not to cry and be around each other,” Wade said. “We won’t be able to buy her Christmas presents. We won’t be able to get her anything for Christmas and do anything with her anymore because she She’s not here anymore and it’s not fair.”

Investigators say friends were walking around the gun when it was fired.

“The hock I know wouldn’t play with a gun. The hock I know fears those things, so you won’t be around it. I just don’t get it at this point,” Wade said.

Police have now charged a 13-year-old with reckless murder.

Initially, officers arrested one person, but as of Thursday, they had not faced any charges. What the police are working to determine is where the gun came from. While they sort out many other questions, the Takiyah family will continue to demand accountability.

“Parents who allow their kids easy access should also be held accountable for that. Kids are kids at the end of the day, they are curious, and I think parents should be held accountable,” Wade said.

The family raises money to pay for a hospice funeral. If you would like help, click here.

We have reached out to the police for more information and all they will say is that so far only one person is facing charges in connection with this case. As more information becomes available, we will let you know.

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