The psychiatrist makes amends in the patient’s mind that he is a pure, pure soul. He has no connection with illness, jealousy, illness itself is not an emotional entity. It is a stool caused by not moving the parts of the mind properly. The cause of the disease is ignorance of its true nature. It is only the effect of what is happening on our mental and spiritual plane. This mess, this filth is in the conscience. It can be washed by holy thoughts and holy speech. In short, the psychiatrist removes the ignorance of conscience and reinforces the idea in the patient’s mind that he is a storehouse of eternal powers, no matter what illness he has, he will get sick, because the preventive power is naturally manifested in it. All his mental forces are aimed at focusing on the fact that: “He is getting better, attracts health and strength, respectively, peace comes to his inner being. All conscience becomes pure, just and pure. His mind is clean, clean and clean. There is unity and peace in his heart, he constantly receives a new and clear conscience. There is peace in its interior. He is the ultimate peace in all states. ‘

The moment the patient’s trust accumulates in the troublesome power of the inner soul, from that moment the disease begins to become free. The more he awakens, stimulating the heart’s secret supply, the more powerful he becomes.

The storehouse of every person’s secret power is self-esteem. The patient’s self-esteem awakens him and makes him realize, “You are a great soulless soul who enjoys conscious awareness.” The Abhaya-conscious element is full within you, outside and everywhere. Your true nature is none other than neurosis. All you need to do is to experience the ultimate health embodied, the more you gain health confidence, the more it will be visible on your appearance, body, limbs. You will feel that you are sick, completely free of disease, health and complete sacrifice. You are the storehouse of full health, strength, power, sperm.”

Healing the mind –

The patients do not know how the disease causes unfavorable thoughts. In fact, they remain absolutely sure of mind and don’t even look at some of the tainted thoughts – germs. Thoughts are the result of unfavorable thoughts – even that the patient does not try to understand. Does not deal with corrupted thoughts. Then how can the disease go?

Remember that not removing the soil that is in the eye only weakens the eyes, but by not removing the dirt from the mind, the person must become a victim of incurable diseases. One has to live like a dead person. In fact, lethargy in the washing of thoughts is to call one’s own death. It must be invited.

The main cause of disease is corrupted thoughts. Regardless of what you see, whether you are suffering from mental anxiety, tired and see no reason because of physical and behavioral etc., the doctor can see by saying heart rate, mouth, temperature and saying that you are fine, but the root cause of all this There may be internal problems. To get rid of this, you definitely want to take measures, stop thinking unqualified, vulgar, polluted thoughts, immediately start thinking favorably.

Enter the same pure state where all kinds of doubt, confusion, doubt are absent. Such a state is our conscience. Upon entering, one experiences the soul as a real reality without confusion. Diseases are basically destroyed. Man has a sense of his formless nature. To be immersed in the pure thoughts of the soul, to meditate on God, to contemplate, to worship the spirit, is the first step to reach this state. In your mind, so as not to look unfavorable to others as well. Visiting perfect inner happiness, peace, opulence and health of all kinds is a means of getting rid of the deflection of illusions and the emergence of a solution instinct that shows humility. This instinct depends on concentration. With the increase in concentration, mind and intellect are absorbed into the self-image.