Galaxy S23 satellite connectivity reportedly coming

Samsung is only a few months away from the debut of the Galaxy S23 series, and the company’s next-gen flagship is rumored to make a note of the iPhone 14’s satellite connectivity, as well as an upgrade to the fingerprint sensor.

In the latest iPhone 14 series, Apple introduced satellite connectivity support. The feature just went live for users this month, providing global satellite access for emergency situations when mobile networks are unavailable or unreliable.

The Electric reports that Samsung also wants to include satellite connectivity in the Galaxy S23.

Apparently, Samsung’s take on this feature will be powered by a partner, Iridium. Earlier this year, it was first reported that the company had a development deal with smartphone makers for its 66 low-orbit communications satellites.

Apple’s satellite connection runs through Globalstar, and the two companies have an almost exclusive deal.

However, Samsung apparently wants to use the satellite connection in the Galaxy S23 series for more than Apple’s emergencies, with “the goal of sending low-capacity data like text messages and images at hundreds of kbps”. This is reportedly possible by overcoming the technical limitations of including an antenna that can handle this communication.

Huawei was the first to build satellite connectivity into an Android phone, but Samsung’s efforts will obviously be available to many more people given Huawei’s current situation.

Meanwhile, it is rumored that Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra will also use a new fingerprint sensor. @RGCloudS on Twitter receivables that Samsung will use Qualcomm’s latest 3D ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, the third generation of the product. It’s unclear what improvements this will bring to the table, but presumably we’ll see better speed and accuracy. Perhaps this version also adopts the larger scannable area of ​​the 3D Sonic Max sensor that is rarely used.

The Galaxy S23 series is expected to release in February next year, with Android 13 out of the box with new camera sensors on the Ultra model and a largely family-friendly design, as well as the reduced use of Exynos chips with more Snapdragon- chips instead.

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