Belkin’s MagSafe iPhone charger is yours for half price this Black Friday

For less than $15, Belkin offers a MagSafe-compatible puck plus 20W USB-C charging brick

Apple’s MagSafe Standard combines the best of wired and wireless charging in one convenient package, but they can be pricey. Fortunately, however, Belkin has a fully MagSafe-compatible magnetic wireless charging puck that is heavily discounted this Black Friday. Amazon is currently offering this charging kit for $14.99. That’s half the standard price and significantly less than Apple’s equivalent offering.

Belkin wireless charger

Belkin Magnetic Wireless Charger

This MagSafe charger is significantly cheaper than Apple’s official charger and has a longer cable. And unlike Apple these days, Belkin also gives you a wall charger in the box!

Belkin’s Magnetic Charging Kit comes with a two-meter cable so you don’t have to hang it from the wall while charging, along with a 20W charging brick. chargers.) That 20W charging speed means that compatible gadgets can also be topped up relatively quickly via a cable. (If you’re lucky, one of your phones might be in the box.) And it’s paired with a handy cable clip to keep everything neat and tidy in your bag or pocket.

To use this cable you need a recent iPhone (12 series or newer, with the exception of the iPhone SE). If you still haven’t used MagSafe, perhaps because of its sometimes prohibitively expensive first-party pricing, it’s a great addition to your everyday carry-on. Just snap it onto the back of your iPhone and keep charging as you use your device. It’s also compatible with official MagSafe cases, so you can enjoy this added convenience while keeping your phone protected.

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