Lamb Explains Cowboys ‘Resiliency’ vs. Giants

One of those wrinkles manifested itself in the form of a tip drill interception two minutes into the second quarter, from the Giants 27-yard line, as Prescott targeted Lamb deep center.

Lamb is convinced that these abuses will eventually disappear completely.

“We’re still building,” Lamb said. “I understand how late it is in the season, but we didn’t have the first half. We still had a few accidents. We still came out victorious and had a few clutch completions.”

And as for why Lamb resorted to catching almost exclusively with his right hand on several occasions in the game, well, his explanation is rooted in a line of reasoning that will eventually be supported by the movie – his other one-handed catch is a sideline 25 yards that put the Cowboys in position to score the final touchdown and take a 21-13 lead into the third quarter.

They never looked back after that ride.

“To be honest, I was held up all night,” said Lamb. “They were holding one arm, and I understand that. It was the same arm – the left one. I still had my right arm, so I started using it.”

And well, actually.

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