Dan Campbell: Jared Goff and D.J. Chark weren’t on the same page on Lions’ last play

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With the Lions chasing the Bills 25-22 late in the fourth quarter today, DJ Chark was open past the Bills’ secondary for a potential game-winning touchdown. But Jared Goff missed the ball and the pass fell incomplete. After the game, Lions coach Dan Campbell said the play call was good, but the execution was not.

“We liked the play-call. It didn’t work and we kicked the field goal,” Campbell said. “Chark, I’m not sure he ever actually saw it until it was very late. I just don’t think he really saw it, so it was clear they weren’t on the same page.

Had Goff thrown a better ball, Chark could have caught it in time and scored a touchdown, which with the extra point would have given the Lions a 29–25 lead. Instead, the Lions settled for a field goal and a 25–25 tie.

Needing only a field goal to win, Josh Allen easily marched the Bills into field goal range for the game-winning kick and the 28-25 victory. That missed connection between Goff and Chark that cost the Lions four points was very big in a game they lost by three.

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