Splatoon 3 Players Labelled “Cheaters” For Abusing Special Weapons

Image: Nintendo / via Splatoon Wiki

Splatoon 3 is a game where victory tastes extra sweet, especially when you can compete against players online, and it doesn’t take long for players to discover the exploits in the game. And in Japan, some players are called “impostors” because they misuse the special weapon “Tenta Missiles”.

Siliconera has reported on this issue circulating on Twitter, where Japanese players are expressing their frustration at this exploit. The exploit itself has been around since the game’s launch, but there seems to be a specific strategy for making the most of this trick.

The Tenta missiles are the usual choice for this, as they can fire continuously at opponents for a short period of time. But the problem stems from the fact that the player’s special seems to charge instantly, meaning they can keep firing barrages of ink at others.

Here are a few examples of the exploit in action, showing that several specials were used to perform this exploit:

The problem has become so widespread on social media that “チーター”, which translates to “cheater”, along with Splatoon 3 is trending on Twitter. It’s not currently clear if this is a bug in the game that players have been able to use to their advantage, but we can’t imagine it going unnoticed for long.

It will be interesting to see if this is used during this weekend’s Splatfest, which kicks off very soon in multiple territories. Be sure to let us know which team you’re coming with!

Have you experienced this exploit online in Splatoon 3? Let us know!

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