87 percent of rupees spent on our lives are discretionary expenses. Food is very expensive somewhere, it is unbalanced. Often such things are taken in the name of food, which are not necessary, and such nutritious things are left behind, without which the human body remains underdeveloped. A few years later, Dr. Carmecord a special study on workers’ food expenditure. According to him, workers buy unnecessary substances, their health is poor and they are young.

Balanced diet

The success of food does not depend on inflation, but on balance and using the right things. Using your food properly can increase the powers of your stomach sufficiently. Walter V. Pitkin in his book “Life Begins After Age 40?” It is written that a person can double his life force with his physical strength through the right choice of food. Good food is cheap and easy.

A balanced person’s diet should be as follows: rice 10 ounces, cereals 5 ounces, legumes 3 ounces, milk 8 ounces, leafless 6 ounces, leafy vegetables 4 ounces, lubricant 2 ounces, fruit 2 ounces.

In the morning, have a full-fat milk or a snack of fruit juice for breakfast, in the afternoon, have a loaf and a half of fruit, roti dal, and green salad salad. When the apps come on at 4:00, have a cup of orange or tomato juice or whey. Have fruits and vegetables in the evening. Drink a milk sandwich before going to sleep. Use as much dried fruit and dried fruit as possible.

A quarter of income should be spent in the food budget, so if you just want defensive food (without satisfying bad habits) then it could be perfect. When income is very low, most of the food is spent.

Eat and save

Should we save with the food budget? Not at all. You can save on clothes or house, but not reduce with a balanced diet. If you skimp on that, you will get sick and double the money will be spent on medicines or doctor’s fees. We do not recommend eating valuables – candy, pickles, wine, tea, biscuits, tea balls, scarf syrup, meat, cornflour, casserole, marmalade – but recommend simple natural defensive foods that are healthy. This feed will be cheaper.

If Ramlal 300) Rs. Rs. 100 per month and only Sri Krishna) Rs. If both monthly costs and expenses are accounted for, it makes sense that Ramlal can spend three times as much food as Krishna. It does not mean that Krishna has to buy a third of the food. This means that instead of Ramlal, Krishna will have to be more careful with the food budget and spend only on basic items and essentials. Ramlal can taste more and taste high food. But as far as defensive foods go, that remains the same in both. Other food is only for the taste of the tongue, not for the stomach or health. They are of no use in terms of health or longevity.