‘Riverdale,’ ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ Actor Ryan Grantham Sentenced to Life for Killing His Mother

A Canadian actor known for his turns Riverdale and The life of a loser will spend the rest of his life behind bars after his mother’s murder, according to the CBC. Ryan Grantham, 24, admitted to shooting his mother in the back of the head while she was playing the piano in March 2020. A day after her death, Grantham allegedly planned to kill Justin Trudeau by loading his car with guns, ammunition. and a dozen Molotov cocktails, with a map to the Canadian Prime Minister’s residence in Ottawa. He never made it, instead he drove to the Vancouver Police Department, where he turned himself in and told a cop, “I killed my mother.” Grantham, who played Jeffrey Augustine in a 2019 episode Riverdale, pleaded guilty to first degree murder and is ineligible for parole for 14 years. Speaking to Grantham, Judge Kathleen Ker said she had considered the 24-year-old’s mental health issues, adding that it had been a “saving grace” that he was sufficiently attached to reality not to cause further harm.

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