Republican governors are “lying” to migrants, worsening crisis

The Biden administration’s top border official accused Republican governors of luring more migrants to the US with promises of free relocation to Washington, New York and elsewhere, NBC News reported Friday.

Send the news: Chris Magnus, the Commissioner for Customs and Border Protection, said Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the Florida government Ron Desantis and the Arizona government Doug Ducey are “lying” to migrant families about housing, employment and other support they receive. will get once they are in the northern cities.

  • Magnus pushed back Republican claims that an influx of asylum seekers was causing “chaos” on the southern border. He defended Border Patrol’s work, saying federal agents work with migrants when they arrive.

What he says: “People all over the country need to know it’s not chaos here,” Magnus said. “People who come into custody here with us are then processed and many of them ask for asylum. So if some of them are released from the country, they do so legally. They still have a date to appear for an asylum hearing.”

The big picture: More than 10,000 migrants arriving in Texas have flown or busted into Democrat-run cities since the spring, in what Republicans have seen as a challenge to President Biden’s border policy.

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  • Since sending 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard last week, DeSantis has faced sharp backlash from Democrats and immigration lawyers, who said he and the other Republican governors were performing a vicious political stunt.
  • Lawyers representing about 30 of the migrants are asking the Massachusetts Attorney General and federal officials to launch criminal investigations into Desantis’ actions.
  • The Biden administration has said it is considering legal options to stop the moves.

In the meantime, DeSantis has said he plans to continue the shipments, for which Florida has budgeted millions. He maintains that the migrants took the flights voluntarily.

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