Ohio GOP Candidate J.R. Majewski Offers Novel Excuse for His Disputed Military Service

After the Associated Press reported that Ohio Republican Congressional hopeful JR Majewski had wildly exaggerated his military and professional background, Majewski held a news conference Friday to insist that his complete military data be “classified.” Despite often bragging about being a “combat veteran” who fought in Afghanistan after 9/11, military records published by AP show he spent just six months loading planes in Qatar, where no fighting on the front line. He has not received any of the awards given to military personnel serving in Afghanistan. “The military file I was able to extract from my personal files shows that all my broadcasts are listed as classified,” Majewski said Friday. He stated that the AP report was an attempt to “slander” him with a “fake hit piece”. Nevertheless, House Republicans have withdrawn a nearly $1 million ad purchase originally intended to support Majewski’s campaign.

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