NYC woman recalls horror attack by accused sex fiend who got ‘sweet’ plea deal

A Bronx woman who was nearly raped by an accused sex buff who struck a deal with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office said she was still being terrorized a week after the ordeal — as she blew up the “system” that allowed her alleged attacker to get free come.

The 49-year-old victim, who spoke to The Post on condition of anonymity, said she can’t bear to be alone in her apartment since the creep broke in and tried to sexually assault her last week.

“I can’t sleep,” she said during an emotional interview on Thursday, sometimes crying as she recalled the nightmarish incident. “When I hear something, I get up and look around. I get nervous. I get scared.”

The mother of two was home alone in the Bronx on Sept. 15 when prosecutors alleged that Justin Washington, 25, climbed in through a window and attempted to rape her.

A 49-year-old Bronx woman was allegedly sexually assaulted by Justin Washington in her apartment.

“He was acting crazy, like someone who is mentally unstable,” the victim recalled. “He grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me onto the bed.”

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She was the second of five people reportedly terrorizing Washington that day — in a sex crime that happened just a week before he was due to be convicted in a Manhattan rape case.

Washington — who was released on bail for weeks after he was accused of raping a teenage relative in late February — had struck a deal in which prosecutors would recommend that he get just 30 days behind bars, plus five years’ probation, in exchange for his admission of guilt. to a writ of execution.

“If he hadn’t gotten out of prison during that time, none of this would have happened,” the mother he later allegedly attacked told The Post. ‘Look what he did! They should change the system. It’s not right.”

The woman said she was doing chores on the day of the incident when she noticed her parrot Coco was “going crazy” and heard footsteps — prompting her to step out of her bedroom and into the hallway.

The woman saw Washington’s shadow in her room.

“Then I saw a shadow,” she said — describing the terrifying moment when she realized she was not alone. “I turned my body to peek into the room [and] I’ve seen the man.”

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The two stared at each other and “I felt chills from my head to my toes,” she told The Post.

“I yelled at him, ‘What are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here,’ the woman recalled. “He came up to me.”

Washington would have chased her to her bedroom and then took his pants off and started masturbating, she said.

She reached for her phone to call the police, but he reportedly knocked it out of her hand and demanded that she lie down on the bed.

bronx victim justin washington
She was the second of five people reportedly terrorized during a sex crime that day.

The woman tried fiercely to fight him – even grabbing a hammer from the windowsill – but the sick person still overpowered her.

She told in tears how he pushed open her legs and sniffed her while his pants were down.

Then he suddenly withdrew and started asking for a dollar or two, the victim said. She seized the opportunity to quickly grab the hammer that had been lying on the floor.

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“I went down and picked up the hammer. I was angry,” the woman said. “I yelled, ‘Go outside, go outside.’ I broke the glass in the window so he could see I wasn’t playing, I meant it. He didn’t take me seriously.”

Washington reportedly started coming back to her — so she hit him on the head with the hammer, causing him to bleed, she said.

Apartment building
The victim tried to call the police, but Washington knocked the phone out of her hand.

“He touched himself and saw the blood,” she said, adding that the injury was enough to deter the creep.

“He went back out the way he came in,” she said. “I followed him with the hammer.”

Immediately after the attack, the woman said, she ran outside and began knocking on the neighbors’ doors.

She felt sick.

“I was shocked. I wanted to throw up,” she recalls. “I cried.”

Her 17-year-old daughter said she was “very, very proud” of her mother for fighting the pervert.

“She’s a very strong person,” the teen told The Post. “I know she will do everything she can to defend herself.”

The Bronx mother was able to scare the perv off, but is left with the terrifying memory of that day.

Washington is said to have spoken to another resident in the building half an hour before breaking into the 49-year-old woman’s apartment.

In that incident, he crawled up the fire escape and banged on the window of an apartment of a 26-year-old woman, who was at the time home with her 9-month-old son, according to prosecutors and sources.

When the woman opened her curtains, she saw Washington masturbating on her fire escape, prosecutors claimed.

He’s also charged with molesting an 18-year-old man whose window he crawled through, stealing a woman’s underwear, and molesting a homeless woman who was sleeping in a building lobby – all within hours. after his alleged attacks on the two neighbors.

The disturbing outburst came about a month after Washington signed the plea deal with Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg in the rape case.

justin washington
Washington is said to have addressed another resident in the building that same day.

Washington was initially charged with first-degree rape, first-degree sexual assault, and assaultive assault in that case. He was thrown in jail on February 23 on a $25,000 bail or $50,000 bail, despite prosecutors asking a judge to set a $100,000 bail.

About three weeks later, prosecutors lowered Washington’s charge to third-degree rape after finding they didn’t have enough evidence — and he was thrown out of jail when a judge agreed to lower his bail to $12,000.

He was returned to Rikers Island last week after a Bronx judge set his bail at $50,000 cash bail or $150,000 bail on charges including attempted rape, burglary, assault and sexually motivated offenses for the alleged Sept. 15 spree .

Washington was due to be sentenced Wednesday in the Manhattan case, but prosecutors asked for a postponement — citing the allegations in the Bronx — and the hearing was adjourned to September 28.

Prosecutors said they believed Washington had violated the terms of its plea agreement. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is reconsidering the recommended penalty as part of the deal.

justin washington
Washington in Manhattan Criminal Court for a hearing on sexual assault and burglary charges.

A Bragg spokesperson said the deal was offered to avoid the young victim having to testify “while Washington was held accountable for his behavior.”

“As the investigation into this week’s deeply disturbing allegations in the Bronx continues, we will decide whether to ask for a longer prison term,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

Adam Konta, Washington’s court-appointed attorney in his Manhattan case, said his client is “entitled to a fair trial.”

“The charges that Washington is now facing in the Bronx are extremely serious, but our justice system is based on the idea that the accused are innocent until proven guilty,” Konta told The Post.

“Mr. Washington’s previous plea deal, without context, is useful fodder to attack Alvin Bragg in the comments section, but to confuse it with the charges the defendant is now facing is a mistake,” he said.

“In reality, in the previous case, the sex crimes unit took into account many mitigating factors — including the fact that Mr. Washington was a 25-year-old with no previous track record — and made a fair decision.”

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