If you are interested in pursuing an MBA, you will want to learn more about the different types of MBA scholarships available to international students. There are several types of scholarships available such as a Kelley Merit Fellowship, an OXPS Scholarship, a Fondation Rainbow Bridge Scholarship, and more.

Ivey MBA Scholarships in Canada

Ivey MBA Scholarships in Canada are competitive scholarships awarded to international students who meet the school’s standards for leadership and academic excellence. These scholarships provide up to half of the MBA tuition fee. The scholarship offers excellent value for applicants with strong GMAT scores and outstanding professional experience.

To apply for the Ivey MBA Scholarships in Canada, applicants must complete an online application form. They will also be required to submit unofficial transcripts from all post-secondary institutions.

Applicants must also pay a $150 CAD application fee. This will be used to help the school assess their eligibility for the scholarships.

Kelley Merit Scholarships

Kelley School of Business is known as one of the best business schools in the United States. It offers financial aid programs to students who qualify for competitive merit. As a result, more than half of the enrolled students receive a scholarship.

In addition to scholarships, Kelley also offers internships for international students. Students can participate in an internship program that requires five to twelve hours of work per week at the Kelley School of Business faculty. During the internship, you will have the opportunity to develop marketable skills while developing a better understanding of the industry in which you will make a career.

IMD MBA Alumni Scholarships

The IMD MBA Alumni Scholarships for International Students is awarded to aspiring graduates of business schools from around the world. These awards are intended to encourage diversity within the classroom. A total of CHF 500,000 will be provided for the benefit of selected candidates.

To apply, you must have a master’s degree from an accredited university. You must also submit an application form and two confidential letters of recommendation. In addition, you must pay a $200 application fee.

The IMD MBA is a full-time degree that focuses on business leadership in an ever-changing digital environment. It is offered at IMD College in Switzerland, North America and Asia.

Harvard Business School

To apply for Harvard Business School’s MBA program, you must meet certain qualifications. You must also prove that you have the right skills to be a successful leader.

The admissions committee is looking for diverse students from all backgrounds. Students with a bachelor’s degree in business administration or economics are more likely to be accepted than others. They also prefer candidates with experience in the private or social sector.

A few years ago, HBS made some changes to its financial aid formula. The new formula takes into account applicants’ pre-MBA income, as well as their undergraduate debt. Currently, about half of the school’s students receive need-based scholarships. These range from a few thousand dollars to over $60,000.

To be eligible for the Harvard MBA program, you must have a four-year bachelor’s degree and a GMAT score of at least 550. International students must take a TOEFL IBT test. It is also necessary to fill in a health insurance form.

OXPS scholarship

The Oxford Pershing Square (OXPS) Scholarship is a good option if you are an international student looking for a fully funded MBA program. OXPS is the brainchild of the Pershing Square Foundation, which claims to have “broadcast in recent years in the international education market by providing funding to a growing number of students pursuing an MBA at Oxford.”

The OXPS is not the only MBA scholarship out there. The DAAD or German Academic Exchange Service offers fully funded scholarships for MBA programs in Germany. These programs are a great way to take advantage of Germany’s rich culture and business climate, while earning a world-class degree.

Consortium for Graduate Study in Management

The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management (CGSM) is an organization made up of some of the most elite business schools in the world. Its mission is to help increase diversity in leading MBA programs. As a nonprofit organization, it also works to reduce the underrepresentation of underrepresented minority groups in U.S. business schools.

The first class of students to attend The Consortium consisted of 21 African American males. Today there are more than 1,000 members of the Consortium.

Members must meet certain conditions. All incoming members are required to participate in an Orientation Program & Career Forum, a five-day event featuring professional development programs and social activities.

Rainbow Bridge Foundation

The Fondation Rainbow Bridge offers MBA scholarships for international students. These scholarships are awarded by HEC Paris and are only open to female students.

Scholarships are available in science, arts and humanities. Candidates must meet minimum academic and work experience requirements. Applicants must also demonstrate leadership skills in community service or charitable involvement.

There are two fairs per year. If selected, applicants will receive a scholarship of EUR 20,000 per year. For more information about the fairs, visit the website.

In addition to MBA scholarships for international students, the Fondation Rainbow Bridge also offers a scholarship for women who wish to study at HEC. This scholarship is mainly intended for women from developing countries. Interested parties can register no later than November 26 for the January intake and June 15 for the September intake.