Mateus Asato says that there are only three living guitar heroes left

Mateus Asato has taken to Instagram to list the three players he believes are the last remaining heroes of the guitar world.

Shared on his Instagram stories yesterday (Sept. 20), the guitarist shared a rundown of his all-time top guitarists, including lists of musicians he believes are the “melodic masters,” “game-changers,” and “most distinctive” players. are of all times.

It was here that Asato named Slash, John Mayer and Steve Vai as the guitarists he considers the instrument’s last remaining heroes – and he urged his followers to go see the musicians perform live while there’s still time. Elsa’s photo from Frozen seems to only be there to fill in the corner of the image but again we didn’t see it Frozen 2 – so maybe Asato knows something about her guitar skills that we don’t.

In the post, the musician also wrote a caption, saying he believes the guitar’s impact irreversibly diminishes over time and will never reach the same heights as it did in its heyday:

“Guitar will always be ‘something’, but the impact of the instrument will never be the same as it was,” he says. “These are the last heroes imo. Make sure to watch this LIVE!”

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Image: @mateusasato/Instagram

Elsewhere in his series of updates, Asato also lists names including Joe Satriani and John Petrucci as guitarists he considers “Melodic Masters,” and claims that Guthrie Govan, Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen and Tosin Abasi are the ultimate “game-changers.” were’ when it came to play.

In the past, the guitarist has also shared his thoughts on what he considers the guitar’s diminishing influence. Last year, the musician confirmed the reasons why he temporarily deactivated his social media profile, claiming it was caused by a personal struggle to find inspiration when it came to playing the instrument.

“This feels really weird because I don’t even feel the thrill of grabbing my guitar to enjoy the goodness and blessings that music artistically creates on us,” he said in the now-deleted Instagram post. “I honestly didn’t want to blame” [it] about the pandemic, but I got to a point where my inspiration just disappeared.”

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