Logitech G Cloud handheld device puts a different spin on mobile gaming

For gamers, being able to play anywhere, anytime is a bit of a dream come true. Of course, that has always been possible with certain gaming systems, such as the Nintendo Game Boy, the Sony PlayStation Portable or even smartphones, but a single device that can do all this is still an unattainable goal. Thanks to technological advances, especially in cloud computing, that dream is slowly becoming a reality. And it’s that kind of reality that Logitech’s latest device is trying to achieve with a gaming handheld that will let you play almost any game available, at least any game available on smartphones or via the cloud.

Designer: Logitech

Logitech is best known for its range of computer accessories, ranging from keyboards and mice to webcams. It doesn’t make or sell computers, and this Logitech G Cloud handheld would be one of, if not its first, computing device. It’s a device aimed at a rather niche market that straddles the smartphone-game console line, and it’s a market that can have a hard time winning unless it plays its cards right.

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After all, this isn’t the first portable gaming device in this form, with the Nintendo Switch and Valve’s Steam Deck leading the market in terms of popularity. It’s not even the first dedicated Android-powered gaming handheld to hit the market. And as those other efforts may have proven, it’s not an easy market to conquer. On the other hand, they may have been just ahead of their time.

In terms of design, the Logitech G Cloud strives for comfort and convenience to set it apart from smartphones as well as other gaming handhelds. It’s relatively light, thanks to almost the same specs as a 7-inch mid-range Android tablet. However, compared to a smartphone or tablet, it has special physical controls that make playing many games easier. Logitech has even set its sights on more than just technical performance, with the device’s carbon neutrality and sustainable packaging.

In terms of user experience, the gaming handheld is pretty much an Android tablet with a few built-in features related to gaming. In addition to a game launcher that takes a page off the Nintendo Switch, it also has built-in support for cloud gaming services such as Xbox Cloud Game Pass and NVIDIA GeForce Now. In addition, it can also stream games running at home on an Xbox console or Steam PC, thanks to the remote play functionality available on these platforms. In other words, the device can run practically any game from any platform except the PlayStation, assuming, of course, those services and features are available in the owner’s region.

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While it sounds like heaven for gamers, it’s still uncertain whether it will be a commercial success for Logitech. Many of these features can be used on a large smartphone these days, so the Logitech G Cloud doesn’t really sound unique. It has the convenience of a single device for gaming with built-in controls, but almost everyone has such a device in their pocket these days; they just need a good controller to handle it.

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