Life as an entity when you give an intense thought becomes magical. Knowing full well that anything that exhibits magical behavior cannot be predicted, so life seems magical since its origin. The path life takes is quite sinusoidal. It can be smooth, rough or anything in between. We can’t think of a mathematical formula that tells us specifically that this is what life has to offer us, so let’s counter it with these formulas.

So we should be prepared to face life’s problems at any time in our lives.

Life problems can range from relationships, business, money, religion or gender crisis. But the question is; when the going gets tough, should we throw the baby out with the dirty water bath while trying to get rid of the dirty water?

There certainly can’t be a yes for an answer. So how do we handle the naughty and unwanted situations, happenings and happenings that life throws at us?

Well, it all starts with perception. We have to make our minds to dominate positive thoughts and take responsibility for our lives and no one is responsible for our own failures. When we dominate our mind with positive thoughts, we become a mastermind at what we do and are able to overcome our daily obstacles.