Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid are reportedly having a ‘good time’ together – Celebrity

All the rumors may be true – Leonardo DiCaprio may have exceeded his limit on not dating women over 25 by teaming up with Palestinian-American model Gigi Hadid.

The Oscar-winning 47-year-old actor and 27-year-old supermodel caused an imbalance in the virtual cosmos when news of their relationship emerged after they were reportedly photographed together at a New York Fashion Week party on September 10. According to a film source in the new issue of People, they “like each other and have a good time”.

The news came shortly after DiCaprio’s split from his girlfriend of four years, model Camila Morrone, who had just turned 25 in June. The internet wasn’t over with making memes of the Great Gatsby the actor’s propensity for dating women two decades his junior — 25 is his alleged breaking point — when he surprised everyone.

The source, while not so “serious”, claims the… Wolf of Wall Street actor “is taken with Gigi”. Being “smart and successful,” she is the “type of woman he is usually attracted to.”

The pair have reportedly known each other for years as they work in the same high-profile circles. Their interactions remained informal as the source said there was never a chance to connect as they were both in a relationship. Hadid had a five-year relationship with singer Zayn Malik, with whom she shares a child. They called it quits in October 2021.

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Despite their mutual attraction, another insider reveals that they don’t rule out a reunion with Morrone. “Leo hasn’t been out of his relationship with Camila long enough to jump for anything. I’m not sure he’s completely done with Camila. That was a long romance.”

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According to the publication, DiCaprio has spent time in Hadid’s hometown, New York. He has been spotted exploring it while Hadid walked in shows for designers like Tom Ford during New York Fashion Week. “He really likes that she has her life together,” a source said earlier People. “She has a child and she is an adult. He wants to be with someone who has the same idea of ​​charities and political views as he does.”

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