iOS 16.0.2 Fixes Paste Permissions and iPhone 14 Pro Camera Shake

Apple released iOS 16.0.2 to fix some annoying bugs along with some other issues. iOS 16.0.1 was exclusive to the iPhone 14 models – see “iOS 16 bug that disables iPhone 14 activations” (September 16, 2022).

The most notable solution is that too many times it asks for permission when copying one app and pasting it into another. The prompt itself is part of Apple’s new pasteboard permissions feature, which aims to prevent unscrupulous developers from spying on your clipboard data. However, Apple said the prompt shouldn’t appear every time a user tries to paste, and iOS 16.0.2 prevents that for the people who experienced it.

Also problematic was a bug on iPhone 14 Pro models that caused camera shake while using third-party apps.

Other bugs fixed by iOS 16.0.2:

  • The screen appeared completely black during the setup of the device (this caused some consternation for both Adam Engst and Glenn Fleishman).
  • VoiceOver is no longer available after a reboot.
  • Touch input becomes unresponsive on iPhone X, iPhone XR, and iPhone 11 screens after maintenance.

Finally, in a small but extremely welcome change for non-eagle-eyed users, iOS 16 release notes text is no longer as insanely small as it was in iOS 14 and iOS 15.

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iOS 16.0.2 Release Notes

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iOS 16.0.2 has no published CVE security items. You can install it from Settings > General > Software Update.

The only reason to wait is that Apple will soon release a new iOS update to address a newly discovered bug called Mailjack that causes Mail to crash repeatedly when it receives a maliciously crafted email. VPN Tracker developer Equinux discovered the Mailjack bug and found that the solution is to delete the offending message from another device or email app.

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