How to Update SASSA R350 Grant Personal Information. If you have applied for a SASSA scholarship and are looking for ways to update your personal information, this post is for you.

To change your SASSA scholarship personal information, you must also update the SASSA platform with new information.

Changing and updating your Sassa scholarship personal information is important for all Sassa applicants.

How do you update your personal data for the Sassa fair? in this article, we will explore how to update personal information from the Sassa R350 Grant.

You will also discover that you can actually update R350 grant personal details online.

This means that you can update the SASSA R350 grant personal information online without having to be present at the SASSA grant office in person.

How to Update SASSA R350 Grant Personal Information

To update Sassa r350 grant personal information, visit, the official SASSA grant website, and follow the steps here;

  1. Visit
  2. click on Request name and surname update
  3. Enter ID number
  4. Enter last name
  5. Enter first name
  6. Click Submit to update the information

You just need to update your personal information about the Sassa scholarship by going to the SASSA website. Once on the website, click on request to update name and surname.

From there enter your ID number, enter your last name, enter your first name and click submit.

If you follow the step-by-step guide on how to update the personal information of the Sassa r350 as we mentioned above, your information will be updated.

Once Sassa has received the new information on their portal, they will approve and update your personal information on the Sassa scholarship website.

To ensure that your SASSA r350 personal information is updated successfully, please ensure that you enter the correct ID number and last name.

The personal information, such as your name, must be the same as the information on your South African ID card used for the Sassa Grant application.

Failure to provide Sassa with the correct personal information as on your IDs will result in delays and eventual rejection of your application.

Sassa is not responsible for ensuring and verifying that all information provided by you is correct in order to update SASSA R350 grant personal information.

How do I update SASSA R350 Grant personal information online?

Easily update SASSA R350 grant personal information online by going to the SASSA grant website and following the steps;

1. Go to
2. Click on ‘Request name and surname update’
3. Enter the ID number
4. Enter last name
5. Enter Name
6. Click Submit

How long does it take for SASSA to update my R350 Grant personal information?

Sassa requires 7 business days to update your personal information update request.

When you submit a request to update Sassa Grant’s personal data, SASSA will process the newly received information within 7 business days.

Within the period of 7 working days, SASSA will verify and validate your data and if everything is correct, SASSA will update your new personal data.

How does SASSA verify my personal information?

South African Social Security Agency, SASSA verifies and validates SRD R350 personal data from the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).

This SASSA verification process takes time, so it’s important to provide the correct information.

The process to update the personal information of the Sassa r350 may take longer and may even lead to rejection if the new information submitted is not correct.

Can I change my SASSA Grant bank details?

Yes, you can easily change and update your Sassa Grant bank details. You can go to SASSA and give them your new bank details.

We recommend that you consult this informative guide how to easily submit bank details to SASSA.

Can SASSA process my personal data early?

Yes, Sassa can process your personal data early, provided that all data entered by you is correct.

The process will only be delayed if Sassa finds inconsistencies in your personal information.

To avoid delays, please ensure you enter the correct details as it appears on your South African ID.

If all details are correct, SASSA can process your R350 personal details earlier than the 7 working days.

Can I reinstate my canceled R350 grant application?

Yes, you can get your canceled grant application of R350 back. Beneficiaries of a SASSA R350 scholarship can get their R350 grant application back if they have canceled it.

It is important that you follow this step-by-step guide on how to recover my canceled R350 application to help you.

How do I know if SASSA has approved me?

You can check your Sassa status to know if Sassa has approved you. Head to Check Sassa R350 Grant Status? to verify that SASSA has approved you.

At this point we have been able to provide you with information about how to update SASSA R350 Grant personal information.

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