How to register for UIF by fax? The management of the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) has created so many avenues (channels) for applicants to register the fund.

An employee in South Africa who works more than 24 hours per month is entitled to payment of his contribution to the fund. In fact, some employees who are eligible to pay their contributions to the fund have reluctantly ignored registration for UIF.

In this case, the trustees of the fund at the labor commission have made available all the necessary routes for any employee who works more than 24 hours a month to join the grid without necessarily visiting the labor office for physical registration.

The benefits involved, as far as the fund is concerned, have had so many meaningful impacts on the livelihoods of the citizens of South Africa.

Casual and non-temporary workers who pay their quota into the fund have seen incredible positive results that have impacted their lives.

Registering for UIF has its own positive implications that help in the near future. Below are some of the benefits derived from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).

  1. Unemployment benefits
  2. Benefits in illness
  3. Maternity benefits
  4. Adoption benefits
  5. Dependent benefits
  6. Loss of part of your income

In this post, we take a closer look at how to register for UIF by fax and some frequently asked questions about UIF.

how to register online for uif

How to register for UIF by fax?

Employers willing to register for UIF by fax must follow the steps below;

  1. Call the fax line – (You must have UI-8 for commercial employers or UI-8D for domestic/private households and UI-19 from the nearest Department of Labor or Department of Labor website.)
  2. Fill out the forms – (Employers, as well as employees, must both have their forms filled out. And employers without reference numbers can also leave this part. In this case, the fund managers will generate and send a new reference number to you.)
  3. Fax the forms back – (Employers are then advised to fax the completed forms back to the UIF on 086 713 3000.)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will all payments from the UIF be tax-free?

Yes, all distributions paid by the fund to its contributors are tax-free.

How to register for UIF Online?

Now let’s go through the UIF registration processes online without visiting any nearby employment office for manual assistance.

  1. Select “Registration/Register” after you see the menu on the left side uArchive screen.
  2. Register as a commercial employer or domestic employer. Complete the rest of the form following the prompts.
  3. After these steps, you will receive a UIF registration confirmation once registration is complete.

From here you are ready to go without having to walk a step to the employment office.

What are the consequences of not paying UIF contributions?

According to the deputy director of compliance at the UIF, failure to pay UIF contributions by employers to the employees could result in fines and interest being imposed on the employer.

If employers are found to have non-compliance, they will also receive a notice of commitment or an order of compliance.

After the employer has received the aforementioned notices, the employer is given a 14-day ultimatum, after which the case will be taken to the labor tribunal for prosecution, provided that the employer refuses to comply.

Does UIF money expire?

There is no expiration date for your UIF contributions. UIF can be claimed after 12 months, provided you have your full credit days. The credit days are linked to 4 days of which you receive one of the 4 days, except for 12 months.

Can an employee refuse to pay UIF?

No, the Unemployment Fund Act not only gives the employer the share to pay his contribution, but the employee must also pay.

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We hope we are on the same page with you as we were able to assist you with registering for UIF by fax and other UIF FAQs.