How to register for UIF by phone call? The Unemployment Fund has so many angles from which applicants and non-applicants come into contact with the administrators of the fund.

Registering with UIF can be a bit of a pain for unregistered employees who are eligible to contribute to the fund.

There are so many ways that UIF distributes its clients and non-clients who are yet to register with the net for the purpose of expediting their relationships and other necessary factors as far as the fund is concerned.

An employee who works more than 24 hours per month is eligible to register for UIF, and this can be done through a phone call, email, online, and to some extent by visiting an employment office.

UIF is not just about how to register, however, the fund contains so many aspects and categories that seem beneficial to almost all contributors.

Employees whose work time does not exceed 24 hours per month are not eligible to register for UIF unless their work time exceeds 24 hours per month.

In this post, we will highlight how to register for UIF through a phone call and some frequently asked questions about Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).

How to register for UIF during a phone call?

Let’s start with how you can register for UIF just by making a phone call to the fund managers basement without necessarily visiting an employment office for the registration of UIF.

Employers who intend to register for UIF by telephone must adhere to the following steps;

  1. Have the most crucial information ready. Necessary information about documents that may be required when completing your form should be readily available. Before calling the UIF, have your ID numbers and the addresses of employers and employees ready to avoid any inconvenience between you and the fund.
  2. Call the UIF on (012) 337 1680 and put together the instructions of the UIF officer.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to register for UIF Online?

Now let’s go through the UIF registration processes online without visiting any nearby employment office for manual assistance.

  1. Select “Registration/Register” after you see the menu on the left side uArchive screen.
  2. Register as a commercial employer or domestic employer. Complete the rest of the form following the prompts.
  3. After these steps, you will receive a UIF registration confirmation once registration is complete.

From here you are ready to go without having to walk a step to the employment office.

How many months does UIF pay?

UIF pays when you have full credit days. For every four days that an employee works, an employee receives a day credit.

How often does UIF pay out?

After eight weeks of registration you should start earning something. Your money will then be paid out every four weeks.

Does UIF pay a lump sum?

Yes, this is calculated depending on the issue and the number of years you have contributed to the fund.

It is usually paid to beneficiaries of a UIF contributor upon his/her death.

Will all payments from the UIF be tax-free?

Yes, all distributions paid by the fund to its contributors are tax-free.

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In this post, we were able to highlight how to register for UIF over the phone and some FAQs about the Unemployment Insurance Fund.