To raise the standard of living, we need to look at our habits. As per the custom, the requirements keep decreasing accordingly. It has often been seen that low-class people spend money on meat and sweets, watch the cinema, but have nothing but torn clothes on their bodies. The house is raw and dark. Habit is called second nature to man. Whoever has the habit of drinking will not be satisfied without drinking, whoever is addicted to cinema or alcohol will be satisfied with it. Two people who receive the same salary by their habits look poor or rich at a high level.

Habits are formed by our conscience. One who builds his habits wisely is not a slave to habits, he is a slave to habits, he rules over them. There are two main factors that determine living conditions: (1) use of discretion in spending money (2) income to be spent. Someone who gets more money can maintain a higher standard of living, education, etc. But even a person who spends money wisely with wisdom can also raise his standard of living. The expensive living does not indicate whether the status is really high or not. Some wealthy people spend equal income even when there is no income.

prof. Amarnarayan Agarwal has given wonderful examples of two people who expend complete discretion and indiscretion. He is in his words as follows – ‘Ajit 200) and Ashish only 100). See you every month. But Ajit spends carelessly and thoughtlessly. He is very addicted to movies etc and spends half or more than half of his income on it. He also spends the rest by eating in a hotel without considering expensive clothes and using cheap luxury items. The activity of the total use is very low, the standard of living will certainly be low.

Ashish thinks a lot. He spends a reasonable portion of his income on health-promoting and nutritious food, living cheaply in an open ventilated home and wearing clean, durable clothing. He also spends a few rupees on education and also saves some for emergencies. His standard of living is undoubtedly high. Although Ajit’s income is double that of Ashish, Ashish’s standard of living is higher than Ajit’s. The reason for this is that Ashish spends with discretion and Ajit is negligent without understanding. Therefore, it is wrong to understand that the status of expensive living is also necessarily high, untruth is absolute. ‘

India is a poor country. Ninety percent of the poor live here. The average income per capita is also low. Today, inflation is rising rapidly. At such a time, poor people with expensive natures cannot avoid being ruined.

The true purpose of a high standard of living is to easily meet all the prudent needs of man, nutritious food, a healthy ventilated house and good education, entertainment and savings. He is able to find fulfillment and fulfillment in future growth and self-development.