How to Apply for Denmark Student Visa – Denmark makes the list of countries in the world with the best universities.

Applying for a study permit or student visa to Denmark is not a huge task for the applicant as many may think off the beaten track.

The student visa application for Denmark comes with instructions and the provision of some required documents. Applicants are required to provide the necessary documents to facilitate their application process.

Applicants with EU/EFA citizenship or Swiss citizens residing in Denmark for less than three months can use their European Health Insurance Card to access medically necessary healthcare.

In this post, we are showing applicants the chronological order of how to apply for a student visa to Denmark and the instructions to follow to avoid rejection of your student visa application.

Below are the steps on how to apply for a student visa for Denmark;

Apply to a Danish university and receive your letter of acceptance

Applicants must receive an acceptance letter from a university in Denmark of their choice. Following an acceptance letter from a university in Denmark that accepts international students, applicants are advised to proceed with the steps in the application process.

Create a new requisition order ID

Applicants use the online application portal to create a new case order ID. Applicants must enter real information about themselves.

Pay the application fee

Applicants are required to pay an application fee to enable the progress of the visa application.

Collect documentation

Applicants who have asked for documents will make the application process much easier. Applicants must provide the following; A formal letter of admission from your university, a detailed overview of your academic program, a valid passport and passport photos, a completed ST1 form and proof of English or Danish language proficiency (depending on which language you are in). study in), proof that you have the financial means to live in Denmark, details of your living situation, receipt of payment of the application fee and proof of travel insurance.

Fill in the application form

Applicants and their chosen different universities must complete parts of the ST1 form. Applicants can use the link here or can download a paper copy.

Submit your application

Online applications are automatically submitted online, while paper application forms must be taken to the nearest one diplomatic mission or application center in their home country.

Capture your biometric data

Within 14 days of applicants submitting their application, their biometrics (photo, fingerprints and signature) must be registered at a Danish diplomatic mission, application center or police station.

Wait for a decision

Applicants can receive feedback on their application within two months after submission.

Frequently Asked Questions About Applying For A Student Visa For Denmark (FAQ)

Can your family come to Denmark?

Yes, relatives and loved ones are expected to apply for residence permits individually, while applicants must be able to demonstrate their ability to finance them during their stay.

Can you work during your studies?

Working hours for international students vary by country. Students from outside the EU, EFA or Switzerland can work a maximum of 20 hours per week between September and May, and 37 hours per week in the months of June, July and August.

How long does it take to process the application for a Denmark student visa?

Basically it takes about 60 days. Applicants from countries such as Nigeria, Pakistan, Kenya and Ghana may have to wait up to 180 days.

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In this feature, applicants were guided through the steps involved in applying for a Denmark student visa, along with the required documents.