How to Apply for a Student Visa in Canada – 2023 – Canada is undoubtedly one of the best countries in the world where many international students had wanted to pursue their tertiary education in any field.

Canada also has many universities that are part of the best shortlisted universities in the world. This clearly shows that Canada is the way to go when choosing a country to study.

According to reports, the government of Canada offered 450,000 international students a Canadian visa in the year 2021.

Well, since many international students have the goal of studying in Canada, there are some simple steps that applicants should consider/follow in order to access a Canadian student visa.

This post will show you the easy way to start the process and how to apply for the student visa.

How to Apply for a Student Visa in Canada

Below are the step-by-step processes applicants are advised to consider in the application process.

Step 1: Get accepted by a Canadian DLI

The first step in obtaining a Canadian Study Permit is being accepted at one of Canada’s DLI-approved colleges. Canada Study Permit applicants who have been accepted into another university will not be admitted in the application process.

Well, to be in possession of a Canadian student visa you must have the following;

  • Get admitted to one of Canada’s DLI-approved colleges
  • Pass a medical exam demonstrating that you will not put undue pressure on the Canadian health care system
  • Pass a police background check showing that you have not committed any serious criminal offences; have been vaccinated against COVID-19
  • Have sufficient financial resources to study and live in Canada and to be transported to and from Canada.

Step 2: Collect documentation

This is something that student visa applicants cannot waive as it is the basis of the application process. All necessary documents must be available before the application process is facilitated.

Proof of Acceptance

Applicants must submit an acceptance letter from one of the DLI-approved colleges in Canada.


Applicants must identify themselves during the application process by presenting valid documents such as a passport.

Proof of Finance

Below are the Canadian government measures it uses to accept proof of finances;

  • Evidence of a student loan from a bank
  • Bank statements from 4 months
  • proof of payment if you have already paid for tuition and accommodation
  • a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from a Canadian financial company
  • a letter from your financier
  • proof of a scholarship or financial support
  • a bank draft that an authority can convert into Canadian dollars
  • Make sure you have a Canadian bank account if you’ve transferred money to Canada

Nevertheless, if applicants are unsure of the authenticity of financial records, please use the link below to speak to a registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and apply for evaluation.

Talk to an RCIC

Other documents

Apart from the above mentioned legitimate documents expected from applicants, the following are also required in the application process;

  • A letter explaining what you need to study and what kind of work you will be doing in Canada.
  • Applicants need an acceptance certificate from the university they are applying to pursue their studies.
  • Applicants under the age of 18 may also require a notarized custodian certificate from a custodian resident in Canada. The guardian and the parents or guardians of the minor must sign the declaration.
  • Applicants must have a scanner or camera to make electronic copies of their documents, and a credit or debit card to pay the application fee.

Step 3: Complete the application

In this step, applicants are asked a few questions before they are allowed to upload their forms.

Step 4: Pay the fees

Applicants should be sure of the exact amount to be paid before uploading their application

Below are the Canada student visa application fees;

  • You, as a student
    • Amount required per year, excluding tuition fees – CAN$10,000
    • Amount required per month, in addition to tuition fees – CAN$833
  • First family member
    • Amount required per year, excluding tuition fees – CAN$4,000
    • Amount required per month, in addition to tuition fees – CAN$333
  • Any accompanying family member
    • Amount required per year, excluding tuition fees – CAN$3,000
    • Amount required per month, in addition to tuition fees – CAN$255

Step 5: Submit your application

Applicants must submit their application to the Government of Canada after following the instructions stated above. Meanwhile, the Canadian government is authorizing applicants to apply online through the Canadian government web portal.

Applicants with disabilities, non-national residents, refugees or stateless persons can apply on paper.

When to Apply for a Student Visa in Canada

All prospective international applicants residing outside of Canada must apply for a Canadian Study Permit prior to entering Canada. The Canadian government also recommends that applicants apply no later than June to allow their application to be processed well before the new term begins.

Click here to facilitate your application process

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In this position, all potential applicants were guided through the necessary steps to obtain a student visa/study permit from Canada.