How to Apply for a German Student Visa – Most of the European countries are the best places for applicants / students who intend to study abroad. Germany as a country happens to be among the top countries in Europe with the best universities combined with impactful courses for international students.

Documents required for the German student visa application are as follows; Duly completed and signed National Visa Application Form, Valid National Passport, Two Photocopies of Applicant’s Passport, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate (if applicable), Birth Certificate of Applicant’s Child (if applicable), Recent Passport Photos (maximum 3), photocopies of previous German residence permits (if applicable).

The German student visas are grouped into three types and they are;

  • German Student Visa – This visa applies to students admitted to one of the universities in Germany.
  • German Student Visa – Applicants who wish to apply for a German student visa on their own. This visa does not allow applicants to study in Germany and is only valid for the university application process.
  • Visa for German Language Course – This type of visa is required for international applicants who wish to take the German language course in Germany.

In this feature, applicants are guided through the ranks of the steps involved in applying for a student visa to Germany.

Apply to a German university and receive your letter of acceptance

Applicants must receive a letter of acceptance from a university in Germany of their choice. Following an acceptance letter from a university in Germany that accepts international students, applicants are advised to proceed with the steps in the application process.

Find the nearest German embassy or consulate

Applicants should use the official website online or search for an embassy or consulate near them to fulfill the requirements and make a visa appointment.

Review the requirements and procedures

Applicants should check the specific requirements for their country and procedures after finding the German Embassy website. Applicants are cautioned to be extra vigilant in reviewing all information provided before making any appointments.

Make a visa appointment

Applicants must make a visa appointment by following the steps outlined on the official website of the German embassy in their country. Student visa interviews can be held at this stage.

Have all visa application documents ready

Once applicants have approved the appointment date for their student visa, they can reconfirm all documents and make sure they are all intact.

Prepare for your visa interview

Applicants must pay a visa application fee of €60.00 – €75.00 and have their payment confirmation with them at the time of their visa interview. This application fee is non-refundable if your visa is rejected. An official reply will be sent to the applicants once the interview has been completed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Applying For A Student Visa For Germany (FAQ)

How much bank balance is required for a German study visa?

The amount required in the applicant’s escrow bank account for applying for a German student visa €11,208.

For which activities can I get a German student visa?

The list below is the activities for which applicants can get a German student visa;

  • Non-academic language courses
  • Pre-Academic Measures
  • Pre-academic German language courses
  • Preparatory basic course ‘studienkolleg’ studies
  • Propaedeutic studies
  • Participate in a mandatory preliminary internship
  • University degree-awarding studies

Which language proficiency certificates are valid to study in Germany?

The following is the recognized German language certificate for studying at a German university;

TestDaF level IV

DSH Certificate II or III

Assessment test

DSD Level III Certificate

Goethe certificate C2

Telc Deutch C1 or B2 Hochschule certificate.

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In this position, applicants wishing to apply for a student permit/visa for Germany were guided through the steps of the application process along with other necessary documents required from applicants.