How much is the UCT application fee? have you been wondering how much you have to pay for the University of Cape Town application fee?

This post will tell you exactly how much you will pay as an application fee at UCT for the application process.

How Much is the UCT Application Fee 2023?

The UCT application fee is R100 for South African applicants, R750 for international applicants and R300 for GSB applicants from Africa.

This application UCT fee is non-refundable. Once paid, applicants cannot get it back if they are not admitted. The application fee at the University of Cape Town does not count towards tuition fees.

The breakdown of the UCT application fee is shown in the table below;

South African national applicants International student applicants GSB applicants outside Africa
R100 R750 €300

Just paying the application fee does not mean that your application to UCT will be successful. The University of Cape Town has its own application requirements.

When an applicant meets all the requirements for UCT application, they can apply to the University of Cape Town.

For detailed information on how to apply for UCT, we recommend that you check out this step-by-step guide How to register with UTC.

What do I need to register with UCT?

To register with UCT you need;

  • a working email address
  • South African identity number
  • Passport number for an international applicant

You can check here for detailed information about it UCT Application Requirements for South African Applicants and UCT Requirements for International Applicants.

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