How Do I Claim UIF Maternity Benefits Online? Many working women who have gone on maternity leave or are pregnant ask questions about how to apply for UIF maternity benefits online.

Claiming your UIF maternity benefit online can sometimes seem very difficult, but with guidance, the process can be simple.

All working class women who have had their employers pay their UIF contributions each month can apply for UIF benefits online if they are pregnant or due to give birth and if they need to go on leave.

All other qualification criteria for submitting your UIF maternity leave claims online are detailed in the article, read on….

In this article, we are going to share with you how to claim your UIF maternity benefits online, what documents you need to claim UIF maternity benefits online and who is eligible for UIF maternity leave benefits.

The article also provides answers to most frequently asked questions about claiming UIF maternity leave benefits online.

Let’s get into the article.

What are UIF Maternity Benefits?

UIF maternity benefits are a special initiative of the Government of South Africa and the Department of Labour, which is part of the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF)

Maternity benefits are introduced to ease the financial burden of working-class women when they have to take maternity leave to care for their newborn babies.

In general, any woman who worked more than 24 hours in a month and had her employer pay her monthly contribution can qualify for UIF maternity benefits.

The specific criteria that one must meet in order to apply for online UIF maternity benefits are detailed in the next heading below;

Who is eligible for UIF maternity benefits?

To be eligible for UIF Maternity Benefits you must:

  1. work more than 24 hours per month for an employer
  2. Don’t be a student
  3. Don’t be an official
  4. Don’t be a foreigner working on a contract
  5. Not be an employee who receives a monthly (old-age) pension
  6. Don’t be an employee who only earns a commission.

Apart from the above, you must have worked for more than 13 weeks before submitting your application for UIF maternity leave benefits to the Department of Labour.

Also, make sure you submit your application before the child’s birth or within 12 months of giving birth.

You may not be eligible to file UIF benefits online or on paper if you receive your exact paycheck while on maternity leave. Your salary during leave must be less than your actual salary during service.

What Documents Are Required to Claim Online UIF Maternity Benefits?

To apply for UIF maternity leave benefits online, you will need completed copies of the following documents;

  1. 13 digit ID or passport with barcode
  2. Form UI-19 – (to be completed by the employer)
  3. Form UI-2.7 – (must be completed by the employer)
  4. Form UI-2.8 – (for bank details)
  5. Form UI-2.3 (application form)
  6. Form UI-4 (follow-up form)
  7. Medical certificate from a doctor or birth certificate of the baby

All copies of the above documents must be submitted to one of the Department of Labor centers or submitted online through the u Fill portal.

How to claim UIF maternity benefits online

Follow the steps below to apply for your UIF maternity leave benefit online;

  1. Login to your uFill in portal account
  2. Accept the terms and conditions
  3. Confirm your bank details
  4. Check if your personal information is complete
  5. Update your personal information if there are any changes
  6. Enter your profession and qualification
  7. Confirm whether or not you will receive a salary from your employer during your maternity leave
  8. Upload all required documents

Once you have followed the steps above, rest assured that you can easily claim UIF maternity benefits online.

Before you can use the UIF portal – uFilling to apply for UIF maternity benefits online you must have an account first. If you don’t have one, click here to learn how to create one.

Now let’s look at and answer some questions related to UIF maternity leave benefits.

Can I claim online UIF maternity benefits after 12 months?

You must submit your application for UIF maternity benefit as soon as you go on maternity leave or within 12 months of giving birth.

Can I claim UIF benefits if I miscarry?

Yes, women who experience a miscarriage can submit their application for UIF maternity benefits online. Your claim must be supported by a doctor’s report proving your miscarriage.

How long does it take for the Department of Labor to approve the application for UIF maternity benefits?

The Department of Labor takes three (3) to six (6) weeks to approve UIF applications for maternity benefits. The waiting period only starts after you have submitted a complete application and received approval. You are encouraged to apply early to avoid delays.

How many months of maternity leave can I take in South Africa?

The law in South Africa gives female employees a maximum of 4 months maternity leave. You can take 4 months of maternity leave if you are pregnant or have given birth.

How Often Can You Claim UIF Maternity Benefits?

You can receive UIF maternity benefits as many times as you get pregnant or have a miscarriage. The law in South Africa does not limit a woman to the number of babies she wants to have. As long as you are employed and become pregnant, you can claim the UIF benefit for maternity leave.

How do I know if my UIF maternity benefits have been paid?

To find out if your UIF Maternity Leave benefit has been paid, you need to check your UIF status online. Click here to check your UIF status online.

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In this post, we shared with you how to apply for UIF maternity benefits online, the documents you need to apply for UIF benefits, and who is eligible for Unemployment Insurance Fund maternity benefits. Please share if you find it helpful.