People often ask ‘how do I check my UIF balance online, how do I check UIF balance, status check etc.

Many keep searching for information about UIF balance check, how to do UIF balance check online and how to check UIF payout balance online. Yet the answer is simple!

Are you trying to gain insight into your unemployment benefit balance online?

First of all, you must have registered with the Unemployment Fund.

You will not be able to know your UIF balance until you have registered with the Unemployment Fund.

Below you will find some simple guidelines that will help you check your unemployment fund balance online without any hassle.

Simple guidelines for checking UIF balance online

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to your uFiling account
  3. Click on check my balance
  4. Complete the instructions as they appear
  5. Enter the Captcha that appears on your screen
  6. Enter your UIF reference number
  7. You will be shown your UIF balance online.

Why check UIF balance online via uFiling?

  • The uFiling webpage,, is operated by the Employment and Labor Department. It helps all UIF registered members to securely file UIF returns and pay monthly dues.
  • To add, it helps employers to update employee salary data, hence the monthly contribution amount of the Employee Unemployment Fund.
  • UFiling also has offices in employment centers where employees who do not have access to the Internet can seek help with questions about their UIF contributions and claims.
  • uFiling helps both employers and employees to do almost everything about the Unemployment Fund online and in offices at employment centers.

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