How do I change the UIF bank details online? As a UIF beneficiary or applicant, you may at some point wish to change the UIF bank information associated with your account if necessary.

Changing UIF bank details online can sometimes be hectic for many. However, we have put together this article to help you.

If you take the time to follow the step-by-step guide in this article on how to change your UIF bank details, the process will be seamless.

The term UIF stands for Unemployment Insurance Fund and serves as security for workers who have lost their job for one reason or another and also provides financial support to women going on maternity leave.

In the mind of the South African government, the arrival of the UIF seems to help its citizens, and apparently citizens who feel they are receiving a share of their share of the insurance scheme have praised the government for such a monumental approach.

In this post, we will show you how to change UIF bank details online and what you need to be able to change your UIF bank details.

We also answer the frequently asked questions (FAQs) on how to change your UIF bank details online and other related questions.

What you need to change UIF bank details online

To change UIF bank details online successfully, you will need the following,

  1. An active internet connection
  2. A computer or mobile phone
  3. Bank details
  4. Credentials for uFlling portal account

How to Change UIF Bank Information Online

Before you can change your UIF bank details online, you must first:

  1. Go to the UIF portal, uFilling
  2. Log in to the portal with your details
  3. Download form UI.28
  4. Print and fill out the form (some sections must be completed by your bank
  5. Submit the completed form to the labor department [email protected]

The UIF benefit is paid directly into the submitted bank accounts of the beneficiaries without the intervention of third parties.

The most important aspect here is that you never present false or mismatched details when filling in your bank details.

Failure to provide valid details may result in you getting some banking errors which will be a problem for you in the long run.

The website also provides some guidelines to enable users or beneficiaries to know exactly what they are doing in turn.

All applicants have the right to change their bank details by completing form UI.28. This form also contains a section authorizing all beneficiaries and their chosen banks to make the necessary changes.

After completing form UI.28, other data added to the form will be sent to the labor department through the official email [email protected]

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Now let’s move on to answer some common questions about how to change UIF bank details online and related UIF issues.

Frequently Asked Questions about UIF

How do I know that my UIF benefit has been paid?

To find out if your UIF benefit has been paid, you must check your UIF status online. Log in to the uFilling portal to check your status. Click Check Status to view your UIF status.

However, if you need step-by-step help to check your UIF status, we recommend reading our post How to Check UIF Status – Track UIF Status Online.

Will UIF pay me if I refuse to submit bank details?

UIF cannot transfer your Benefits to a different bank account than the one you have specified. You should always provide a UIF with a bank account or change UIF’s bank details so that they can pay your benefit on time.

Do I need to have a UIF account before I can change bank details online?

Yes, you must have an active UIF account on the uFilling portal before you can change your UIF bank details online. Without an active account, it is impossible to change UIF bank details.

How do I create a UIF account?

To create a UIF account, you must first visit and navigate the UIF website to create a new account. fill in the necessary information such as your name, telephone, etc, and create your account.

We have a step-by-step article on creating a UIF account and applying for UIF online. You can check it out if you need an easier guide on how to create an account.

Important links about UIF benefits

In this post, we will show you how to change UIF bank details online and what you need to change your UIF bank details. We hope this has been helpful.