GDE Online Application 2023 – GDE Registration 2023 is now open and calls for applications from parents who want their children to study in Gauteng schools.

The Gauteng Department of Education GDE online Application 2023 for GDE registration 2023 for Grade 1 and 8 is ongoing.

Applications for Gauteng Schools are now open for all parents seeking admission for their child/children into Gauteng School to apply.

Parents can now easily apply for GDE admission through the online GDE admission portal.

In this article, we are going to walk you through the processes involved in submitting your GDE Online Application 2023.

We will also look at the GDE registration and all the requirements parents need to successfully submit the online GDE application.

GDE Online Application 2023- GDE Registration 2023

The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) has made it possible for parents to apply for schools for their children.

If you are a parent, you can now apply for a school placement for your child(ren) on the GDE online Application 2023 portal.

For a smooth GDE application 2023, all GDE applications submitted to the Gauteng Department of Education must fall within the window.

Parents must also ensure that they have the documents required for the application and registration of the GDE.

How do I apply for GDE Online Application 2023? GDE Registration 2023 Process

To apply/register for GDE online, go to and click Register. Follow the 5 steps below to create your GDE application 2023.

  • Step 1: Register personal data
    • After entering the password, verify that your password contains all of the following characters:
      • 1 lowercase alphabetic character
      • 1 alphabetic capital character
      • 1 numeric character
      • 1 special character
      • 8 characters or longer
    • Enter exactly the same password Confirm password
    • After you have completed step 1 (register parent’s details), you will receive a text message with your username and password. SAVE this information and use it to log in to view your applications at any time
  • Step 2: Address data
  • Step 3: Register student data
  • Step 4: Apply to a school
  • Step 5: Upload / submit documents

Once your application is complete, the platform will send you an SMS with a Reference number (Save This Reference number for later use).

GDE Online Application, 2023 Placement Admission Options

There are 5 GDE application placement options that you can apply in this online GDE application 2023. They are as follows;

  • Option 1 – Home: the place of residence of the candidate student is the closest to the school within the feeder zone
  • Option 2 – Sibling / previous school: the prospective student has a brother or sister attending the school (this does NOT apply to siblings already in class 7 or class 12 at the time of application)
  • Option 3 – Work: the place of work of at least one of the prospective student’s parents is within the school’s feeding zone;
  • Option 4 – 30 km within the school: the place of residence of the prospective student is within 30 km of the school; or
  • Option 5 – more than 30 km from the school: the place of residence of the prospective student is more than 30 km from the school

If you want your child to be admitted to a school near your home address.

  • When registering your details (step 1), make sure you enter your home address accurately
  • Select when applying (step 3). At home Option to see the list of schools with feeder zones covering your home address. Apply to the schools closest to your home address
  • Please note that placement is based on the number of places available at the school

Is GDE Registration 2023 Open?

Yes, GDE registration 2023 is open from July to August 2022. The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) has opened the online registration and application for 2023.

Parents and guardians are advised to apply for GDE for their children within the 2023 GDE registration window.

How do I contact GDE?, Contact details

To contact the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE), please use the contact details below to reach the GDE.

In this post, we have provided you details about GDE Online Application 2023, GDE Registration, GDE Application Options and GDE Contact Details.

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