FPS drops, BSOD, installation stuck and other bugs hit users

Windows 11 22H2 is quite stable compared to previous releases, but causes serious problems for some users, including installation problems.

Some Windows 11 users are having issues with sporadic framerate drops, which are reported to be related to Nvidia graphics. In addition, in some cases, there are also reports of Blue Screen of Death errors and other bugs.

Affected users believe that Windows 11 22H2 is causing the problem as the stuttering disappears when they remove the feature update. As various reports describe on Reddit, our comments section, and Microsoft’s own Feedback Hub, the stuttering FPS hit at random intervals and lasts for a few seconds.

In some cases, the FPS remains constantly low and the audio is affected at the same time. This can be especially frustrating if the frame rate suddenly drops when you’re about to win an online game or at a crucial moment. Affected games include Call of Duty and others.

What’s especially interesting about Windows 11 version 22H2 performance issues is that the feature update was tested by users in the Windows Insider program before it was made available to everyone, and according to some Reddit posts, users had these issues before. reported this year.

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Windows 11 22H2 FPS drop
version 22H2 performance issues were reported by users three months ago

However, it seems that Microsoft either missed those reports or they were ignored and the update was released anyway.

Nvidia is apparently investigating the reports and the company has requested additional details from affected users. This issue is hopefully something that both Nvidia and Microsoft are trying to fix, so it’s likely a proper fix will be provided in the near future, probably via a GeForce driver update.

There is also a possible solution to eliminate the performance issues. In some cases, disabling a service called “Nvidia FrameView SDK” reportedly solves the problem. Follow these steps to disable the FrameView SDK service:

  1. Open Windows Search.
  2. Search “Services“.
  3. Press the ‘N’ key on the keyboard to filter the list of running processes.
    Windows 11 22H2 issues
  4. Find the Nvidia FrameView SDK Service and make sure it’s not running.
  5. restart.

Disabling the “variable refresh rate and optimizations for windowed games” also stutters for some people.

If you’ve already installed Windows 11 2022 Update and the glitches aren’t really disrupting the gaming experience, you can just wait for the hotfix, which is expected in a few weeks.

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Blue Screen of Death Error Affects Some PCs

In some rare cases, users also encounter Blue Screen of Death error.

“I got a BSOD (irql_not_less_or_equal) while installing the update that caused about 50% of the update. The BSOD was stuck at 100% so I had to hard shut down my PC,” commented one of the affected users.

You can always fix the problem by uninstalling the feature update by opening Settings and going to the recovery menu.

It goes without saying that this is a rather embarrassing issue for Microsoft, especially since the FPS issue should have been noticed before the Windows 11 2022 Update rolled out to the public.

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