FIDE Statement on the Carlsen

Last week, World Champion Magnus Carlsen resigned in a match played in an online competition against GM Hans Niemann before making his second move. The week before, he left an over-the-board tournament after losing the match to the same Mr. Niemann.

These were not FIDE events; however, as the world’s chess board, it is our duty to protect the integrity of the game and its image, and as the incident continues to escalate, we feel it necessary to take a step forward.

First of all, we strongly believe that the World Champion has a moral responsibility attached to his status, as he is seen as a global ambassador of the game. His actions affect the reputation of his colleagues, sporting results and can ultimately be harmful to our game. We are convinced that there were better ways to deal with this situation.

At the same time, we share his deep concern about the damage cheating does to chess. FIDE has been fighting fraud for many years and we reiterate our zero-tolerance policy against cheating in any form. Whether online or “over the board”, cheating continues to cheat. We are deeply committed to this battle and we have invested in forming a group of specialists to devise advanced preventive measures already applicable to top FIDE events.

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As we’ve done before, FIDE is calling for enhanced collaboration between major online platforms, private events and top players – most of whom have already expressed their will to partner with FIDE.

FIDE is prepared to task its Fair Play Committee with a thorough investigation of the incident, when adequate initial evidence is provided and all parties involved make public the information in their possession. We are fully aware that in some cases uncertainty can hurt players’ performance. It can also damage a player’s reputation – which is why we insist that the protocols against cheating are followed.

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We hope that this whole situation can have a positive effect in the long term, if handled properly. We propose to launch a special panel, made up of representatives of the leading chess platforms, grandmasters, anti-cheating experts and FIDE officers, to combat this risk and prevent it from becoming a real plague.

Arkady Dvorkovich

FIDE President

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