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When it came to developing what at first glance might best be described as a co-branding opportunity, Trent Corbin, president and CEO of The Redbud Group at Keller Williams South Park in Charlotte, North Carolina, liked everything about what Curbio for his team and their customers.

“They had a good idea of ​​the kind of volume and business we’re doing, so when we were ready to launch into the Charlotte market, they wanted to make sure we could do something together,” Corbin says.

In the short time since the partnership started, Corbin notes that several projects involving cosmetic upgrades and renovations have begun. These projects have the potential to add significant value while increasing the selling price of several homes currently under contract.

Curbio’s brand-building Fix & List program offers “fix now, pay when you sell” upgrades of all sizes in the Charlotte market and hasn’t come too soon for Corbin, who is witnessing the changing landscape of his local market area.

“New offers are still absorbed as quickly as they are listed, but that said, not all offers are created equal,” explains Corbin. “The homes that sell the fastest and get the highest value are the ones that have been properly updated and staged…or the homes that don’t look like they need a lot of work.”

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At the same time, according to Corbin, even if customers are sitting on a ton of equity, it can be difficult to extract that money before a sale to complete renovations.

“Not everyone has the money to complete the renovations we recommend as needed to get maximum value,” Corbin says. “And what’s really great about Curbio is that we’ve created a one-stop hub for the vendor – a single source supplier.”

Gone are the days when real estate professionals directed carpenters, painters and countless other contractors, while simultaneously handling other pressing priorities on a daily basis.

“From a financial and logistical standpoint, that kind of engagement can be overwhelming,” notes Corbin. “And the seller is already saddled with the fear of moving.”

To streamline the process, any home The Redbud Group lists that could benefit from Curbio’s extensive line of professional contractors are introduced to the opportunity in the early stages of contracting the property.

“Most sellers need at least some cosmetic work to get maximum value, so working with Curbio is a big advantage for them, especially in today’s market,” Corbin says. “And Curbio seems to have a knack for sourcing and stocking the right materials, so there are usually few, if any, supply chain delays to get the job done.”

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Corbin also likes that Curbio’s representatives are not only well versed in the market areas the company serves, but they also provide ongoing education to every agent of The Redbud Group.

Better yet, every qualified seller gets a free estimate from Curbio, which is why agents always recommend having Curbio come over and take a look at the things they think are most impactful. “When that happens, we’re always right next to that Curbio representative,” adds Corbin, who goes on to explain that the co-branding relationship has barely surfaced as far as the client’s resources he believes are.

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“Curbio has been a great partner,” Corbin concludes. “They have been very transparent and from the standpoint of someone with a great team who is always looking for more properties to list, this partnership sets us apart as soon as we walk through the door.”

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