Cassian’s Line About Jedha Finally Makes Sense After Andor Finale

Cassian Andor is further fleshed out in Andor, set before Rogue One, with the show providing context for a specific Rogue One line about Jedha.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for the season 1 finale of Andor.Andor gives much more context to his titular character’s backstory than his first appearance in Villain One allowed, including elaborating a specific line from Cassian about Jedha in Villain One. In the film, the first act culminates in a visit to Jedha, which, like most of the galaxy, is under strict Imperial oppression. A line from Cassian about the city now makes a lot more sense given the events in from Andor season 1 finale.


The line in question is ‘We have to hurry. This city is about to explode’ what Cassian says to Jyn. This refers to Jedha itself stating that the city is reaching boiling point and about to revolt against the Imperial occupation. In the Season 1 finale of Andor (Episode 12), the same thing was shown on Ferrix, with the people of Cassian’s hometown finally fed up with the Empire and rebelling against them. Cassian’s experiences on Ferrix, and the rest of Andor season 1, gave him the knowledge of how far the empire can push people before the people start pushing back, something he recognized with Jedha all these years later.

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How Ferrix in Andor parallels Jedha in Rogue One

Star Wars Rogue One Star Destroyer Jedha

This also brings to light how similar Jedha and Ferrix are. Both are presented very similarly, even in appearance, with muted colors and a much more grounded, gritty take on Star Wars planets. However, in terms of their Imperial presence, the two are even more similar. Ferrix was largely free from Imperial oppression in the early days Andor episode 1, and it was only Andor’s meeting with Luthen and the small rebellion against Syril Karn that led to large-scale Imperial operations. Jedha is the same, with the actions of rebel insurgents such as Saw Gerrera and Bodhi Rook bringing much tougher Imperial control.

Both planets eventually saw a rebellion. With Ferrix, it was the people Cassian had grown up with who pushed back against the Empire, thanks to Maarva’s posthumous words. While this differs slightly from Jedha, as Jedha’s rebellion came from an organized rebel cell in Saw’s Partisans, the basics remain the same. The people of both Ferrix and Jedha simply had enough and pushed back against the oppression they faced.

Andor makes Cassian’s Rogue One story better

Cassian Andor and Jyn Erso in Rogue One.

All this just goes to show how much Andor enriches Cassian’s character from what was seen in it Villain One. When Andor was announced, a lot Star Wars fans didn’t think it was necessary due to Andor’s death at the end of Villain One. However, Andor has hugely proven people wrong, with its fantastic writing, exceptional production value, great performances and the way it only improves on what was already great in Villain One. Seeing how Cassian’s experiences turned him into a full-fledged rebel is just making Villain One so much more worth it, and proves it Andor makes just one of Disney’s best Star Wars cinematic attempts better afterwards.

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