CUT online application 2023 is now open for applicants to apply for admission into the Central University of Technology.

The admissions committee of the Central University of Technology has finally opened its CUT online application portal.

Prospective students can now start their CUT application process to study at Central University of Technology for the academic year 2023.

To guide you successfully with your online application at the Technical University, we have put together this article for you.

In this article we help you to see how to apply for CUT online 2023you will see CUT Online Application 203 Requirements.

We will also answer most of the frequently asked questions related to the Application process Central Technical University 2023.

CUT online application 2023

CUT online application platform is the portal where you need to submit your Central University of Technology online application.

This portal is only open during the normal CUT application period. It closes after the application deadline.

Prospective Central University of Technology applicants should access the CUT application portal to submit their application CUT online application.

How to Apply – Central Technical University – CUT Online Application Process

To apply to the Central University of Technology, go to the CUT application web page;

  1. Go to
  2. Click New applicants
  3. create an account
  4. Enter your personal information
  5. Sign up for your desired program
  6. Upload all required documents for the CUT application
  7. Submit your application

If you follow the above CUT application process, you will be successful apply to the Central Technical University.

CUT prospective applicants who wish to submit a paper application will be required to do so Download CUT Application Form PDF.

Once you have downloaded the CUT application form, print it and fill the form thoroughly with all required information before submitting your application to CUT.

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Central Technical University – CUT Application Requirements 2023

Central University of Technology (CUT) Application Requirements. be for South African citizens and international students;

Central University of Technology (CUT) Application Requirements for South African Citizens

  1. Identification card (ID)
  2. Senior Certificate (Grade 11 or Grade 12)
  3. Qualification/study details, senior certificate, ID if you have higher qualification than matric.
  4. E-mail address
  5. Mobile number

Central University of Technology (CUT) Application Requirements. For international students

  1. Passport/passport number
  2. South African medical student test
  3. Proficiency in English
  4. Certificate equivalent to SA Senior Certificate or higher.

Remark that the CUT application requirements for paper applications are the same as CUT application requirements for online applications.

All applicants must meet the application requirements to be considered for application.

There are no excuses for applicants who fail to meet the requirements of Central University of Technology.

Failure to comply with the CUT online application requirement will make your application unsuccessful.

You are encouraged to prepare all your application documents in advance before starting the application.

CUT Online Application 2023 Opening Date

CUT online application opens for 2023 application on June 1. This is the date on which all prospective students must begin their application to CUT.

The application cannot be sent before the CUT Opening date of the application. Access to the application portal is not available until the Opening date CUT application.

CUT Online Application 2023 Closing Date

CUT application for 2023 closes October 30, 2022. All prospective students are encouraged to apply before the closing date.

CUT will not consider your application if you submit it after the closing date. Make sure you sign up before the CUT application deadline for 2023.

According to the Central Technical University, there will be no second semester CUT application for 2023.

Therefore, applicants who do not apply in the normal application window can only reapply in the next application window.

CUT Application Fee

Registering with CUT is free. The Central University of Technology does not take an application fee. All applicants can register with CUT free of charge.

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CUT contact details

You can get in touch via these CUT contact details E-mail: [email protected] Tel: +27 (0) 51 507 3911 for all applications for CUT and admission issues.

CUT address

You can use the address below for this please contact the Central Technical University (CUT).

the Registrar, Central Technical University, Free State, Private Bag X20539, FLOWER FOUNTAIN 9300, South African Republic.

Is CUT open for application in 2023?

Yes, CUT is open for 2023 applications from June 1, 2022. All prospective applicants may commence their application for the 2023 academic year at the Central University of Technology.

How do I apply to the Central University of Technology (CUT)?

To sign up for CUT, you need to go to, click on prospective students and fill in your personal information such as ID number, email, phone number, etc. to start your application.

Is CUT application free?

Yes, the CUT application is completely free. Applicants do not pay an application fee when submitting an application to the Central Technical University.

Will CUT open second semester application for 2023?

No, CUT is not opening the second semester application for 2023. According to CUT, there will be no second semester application once the normal application is closed.

All applicants are encouraged to apply during the regular application period from June 2022 to October 2022.

How long does it take for CUT to respond to a request?

The Central University of Technology – CUT typically responds to applications and makes decisions within 4 to 6 weeks after the application has been submitted.

CUT encourages applicants to allow a period of 4 to 6 weeks after the application CUT Online Application to receive the application decision.

Can I register for CUT again?

Yes, you can reapply to CUT if your previous application was unsuccessful. However, make sure you meet all CUT requirements for online application when you reapply.

Where should I submit a CUT application?

You must submit the CUT application through the online portal or you can also submit the application physically via the CUT contact above if you have made a paper application.

What is the acceptance rate at CUT?

Cut has an acceptance rate of 80%. The Central Technical University accepts about 80% of all applications annually.

Can I access CUT if I don’t meet the requirements?

No, you will not be admitted to CUT if you do not meet the requirements. CUT only admits prospective applicants who meet the entry requirements.

At this point we have been able to guide you CUT online application 2023.

You are also exposed to it How to Apply to the Central University of Technology – Application Process.

You also read about the different ones CUT application requirements for South African citizens and requirements for international applicants.

We’ve also answered most of the frequently asked questions passed to the CUT Online application process.

Hopeful, this article about the CUT online application has been helpful. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments box.

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