Crime scene where woman was chopped up looked like a horror film: neighbor

The blood-spattered crime scene in Brooklyn, where a young woman was dismembered with a carving knife and stuffed into two suitcases, looked like something straight out of a horror movie, a shocked neighbor told The Post.

“When I noticed what was going on, I went downstairs” [to the apartment] to ask the detective, and he opened the door and it was like something in a movie, not something you see in real life,” neighbor Stephanie Harris, who was friends with the victim, told The Post on Thursday about the horrific scene.

‘Blood everywhere, gallons of blood. It was filthy. You can imagine what happened to her, you know she fought for her life. Blood spattered.”

The apparent remains of the 22-year-old victim, identified by family members as Dasia Johnson, were found Wednesday after two security guards conducted a welfare check at the apartment on behalf of a local nonprofit program for abused women.

Detectives and the coroner were on the scene after discovering dismembered body parts in multiple suitcases.
Paul Martinka
Authorities on site on Wednesday.
Authorities on site on Wednesday.
Paul Martinka
Stephanie Harris, left, and Tierra Bank Wells react to the gruesome discovery.
Stephanie Harris (left) and Tierra Bank Wells react to the gruesome discovery.
Gabriella Bass
The dismembered body of a 22-year-old woman was found Wednesday in two suitcases in a Brooklyn apartment.
The dismembered body was found in two suitcases in a Brooklyn apartment.

Johnson hadn’t been seen for a week and by Sunday neighbors started smelling a foul odor on the floor where she lived.


“At first we thought it was the garbage chute, the super was like, ‘No, I cleaned it,’ and for three days the smell just got worse,” Harris said.

“Everyone on my floor was looking for a rat, for a mouse, to get into the pipes or whatever and it just died.”

When guards arrived at the apartment, they were turned away by Johnson’s apparent boyfriend, who fled before the police arrived.

They later gained access to the unit and immediately saw “blood everywhere” and called police, James Essig, chief of NYPD detectives, said Thursday.

Neighbors said the tragic woman had long been violently abused by her boyfriend, who is believed to be a person of interest in the murder and the subject of a police manhunt.

“She used to say he would hit her head in the house, like, ‘Why do you have people in our company,’ he wrecked things in the house, she’d say, ‘It’s not your money,’ [and he would say] “I don’t give a f-ck, you’re mine, so everything that’s yours is mine,” Harris recalls.

She said neighbors often heard the man making the same horrifying threats over and over: “The only way out is when your mom goes to bury you, b–ch.”

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“He always said it in the hallway, we always heard it,” Harris said.

“And you felt it.”

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Another neighbor, who refused to share their name, said they once saw blood coming from Johnson’s apartment.

“I just got home from work, I go upstairs and I see a whole blood trail, a lot of blood, just from her apartment to the front door. Downstairs they are arguing, fighting,” the neighbor recalls.

“About a week or two ago I heard a commotion, a lot of fighting and nothing since.”

Harris, a survivor of domestic violence, recalled how terrified Johnson was.

“He always came, we heard him banging on the door to get in. [Once] he locked her outside her own apartment. She’s leaving for a few weeks because she’s afraid for her life,” Harris said.

“She said a few weeks ago, ‘I’m tired of looking over my shoulder.’ She was going to go to work one day and she got in the taxi and looked back because she was so scared.”

The coroner has yet to determine whether the remains belong to Johnson or the exact cause of death.

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