If you are looking for an effective way to keep your employees in shape, a corporate fitness program may be the best choice for you. Not only does it help keep your employees healthy, but it can also increase productivity and reduce absenteeism. There are a number of reasons to consider setting up a corporate fitness program and it is important to understand the different options available.

Increase employee productivity

Company fitness programs are a great way to increase employee productivity. They can not only reduce absenteeism, but also improve the health of employees. These programs can provide employees with advice on nutrition and exercise, and they can even help them lose weight.

A study of corporate fitness programs has yielded some surprising results. Researchers found that productivity increased dramatically when program participants were healthier. In fact, it was a four percent gain for the average worker.

The benefits of improved health included fewer sick days and better physical performance. In addition, the results showed that employees who were fitter stayed longer at work.

It is well known that a sedentary lifestyle has a negative impact on mental and physical health and can lead to fatigue and poor work performance. Workplace exercise can increase energy levels, reduce stress and fatigue, and promote teamwork and productivity.

Reduce absenteeism

Sickness absence can be a major problem for employers. It affects productivity and morale. There are several ways to reduce absenteeism due to illness.

Workplace wellness programs are one solution. They can help reduce stress and obesity in employees. These programs can also increase employee productivity.

Sickness absence can have a negative effect on family and colleagues. The higher the absenteeism, the more expensive it becomes for the company.

Workplace wellness programs can be a cost-effective solution to absenteeism. They also improve morale and engagement at work. In addition to improving employee health, these programs can reduce obesity and cholesterol.

Absence of employees is a major cause of burnout in the workplace. This is a growing problem for organizations. A study by Morneau Shepell found that workplace wellness programs can significantly reduce absenteeism.

Create corporate culture

If you want your business to be successful, it’s important to have a culture that supports the team. This can be achieved through various techniques.

One strategy is to set up an employee recognition program. Giving compliments and recognition is a great way to encourage your team members. The key is to show appreciation for their efforts and make sure they understand the consequences if they don’t do their job properly.

Another way to grab employees’ attention is to create a workplace that reflects the company’s values ​​and vision. This can be done through an open door policy. This allows employees to speak and ask questions. It also promotes a familiar atmosphere.

Other ways to create a great company culture include encouraging flexibility, offering perks, and implementing policies like the 20% rule. This gives employees 20 percent of their time to learn new skills or work on projects that help the company.

Gamification of the process

Gamification in corporate fitness programs is a fun way to increase participation. It encourages healthy habits and can also improve employee productivity and retention. The CDC estimates that workers who miss work due to illness or injury incur $1,685 per worker in lost productivity. Creating a gamified wellness program can help avoid these costs.

In addition to preventing costs, gamification in corporate fitness programs can improve the working environment. It encourages healthy competition and creates a sense of community.

With the rising cost of health care in the United States, companies are turning to gamified wellness programs to reduce costs and improve the health of their workforce. Employees are more likely to follow through with their healthy plans if they have a good reason to do so.


If you want to improve the well-being of your employees, the best place to start is with a company fitness program. Not only can it save you money, but it also increases employee satisfaction, reduces absenteeism and increases productivity.

There are many programs to choose from. Some offer free gym memberships or access to online resources. Others charge a monthly fee or offer tiered pricing depending on size and frequency.

It is estimated that an effective wellness program can cut a company’s healthcare costs in half. A University of Michigan study found that a fitness program can save an employer as much as $177 a year. Compared to non-athletes, employees who participate in a company fitness program are healthier and have fewer injuries and illnesses.