Chicago Bears Likely To Debut A Fan Favorite On Sunday

Injuries are an inescapable reality in the NFL. The best teams are the ones that find ways to navigate them. This is often done by build quality depth. The depth of the Chicago Bears will be tested on Sunday. Not only did they suffer a frustrating loss at Green Bay to the Packers, but they also took a punch on the defensive side of the ball. Nowhere is that more apparent than the linebacker’s position.

Roquan Smith has missed two straight workouts with a hip injury. Now co-starter Matthew Adams has a hamstring problem. According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, there is a good chance that Adams will miss Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans. That means the Bears have to look for a replacement. That means there’s a good chance fans will get their first look at raw rookie Jack Sanborn.

Sanborn has a big chance with the Chicago Bears.

Many felt the Wisconsin linebacker deserved to be called up. Some even gave him 4th round marks. It was never clear why he fell through the cracks. The consensus is that teams had reservations about his average athleticism and speed. Sanborn’s response was an excellent preseason in which he made 14 tackles, an interception and a fumble at recovery. His instincts jumped out from the moment he stepped onto the field. This match could be the perfect stage for him to silence doubters.

Houston is a mirror image of the Chicago Bears under Lovie Smith. They want to control the football and control the clock. That means the linebackers need to see a lot of action. Sanborn’s bread and butter defended the run in college. So that role should serve him well. The team will likely try to keep him off the field in passing situations. If he can impress, there’s a good chance he’ll want to give Adams more playing time sooner or later.

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