Can my UIF claim be rejected? It is indeed a multi-million dollar question that many have been asking regarding the short-term relief fund.

The UIF has many benefits that are a relief to applicants and beneficiaries who are unable to work for one reason or another.

Some of the reasons may include maternity leave, job loss, parental leave, and other factors. Surviving relatives of UIF contributors are also entitled to UIF benefits when the contributor dies.

The South African Department of Labor has directed all employers and employees to contribute their quota to the fund to serve as security when required in the near future.

Temporary employees who work more than 24 hours per month are entitled to a contribution to the fund, as the law has already emphasized.

Each employee’s daily wage multiplied by 12 months divided by 365 days in the year equals the amount you would have to pay as a contribution to the fund.

While employees must pay 1% of their daily wages, employers must also add another 1%, making it 2% as a quota of the UIF contribution.

Can my UIF claim be rejected?

If you are a UIF contributor, you can request their benefits at the uFiling website

In this article, we shed more light on some of the factors that may lead to the rejection of your claim as a claimant/contributor.

This post will also explain some frequently asked questions.

Can my UIF claim be rejected?

Oh yes, as a plaintiff, your UIF claim may be rejected/rejected, but the trustees of the fund must provide a reason for this.

The basis on which your UIF claim can be rejected has many dimensions. They contain;

  • Incomplete UIF request
  • Incorrect forms
  • Incorrect employment data
  • False information

Information related to your UIF form application must always be authentic to avoid claims rejection.

If any of the numbered reasons are not properly worked out or corrected during uFiling, your claim may be rejected.

Other important links about UIF benefits

As a UIF donor, you are only entitled to your claims if you have contributed your quota to the fund.

In a situation where a contributor is suspended or resigns, he/she will not be entitled to the benefit.

You can only be paid if the Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration Commission considers your dismissal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for UIF to be approved?

UIF doesn’t take long to get approved. Once you have all your information complete, your approval will not be long in coming. It takes 15 days for unemployment applications to be approved, while pregnancy applications take 5 days.

How do I know if the UIF claim has been approved?

Others at the event find it hectic to know if their UIF claim has been approved.

It is very simple here, to know if your UIF claim has been approved, please use the BizProfile Portal option to check if your application has been approved.

The BizProfile portal displays your compensation fund and your UIF registration numbers.

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