Best Swedish Public Universities – In this article, we take you through the best universities in Sweden that are highly ranked according to the global ranking scheme.

Apparently, a study stay in Sweden is one of the beautiful things that every international student should not miss.

The universities we are about to list are among the best public universities in Sweden and have a strong reputation for providing quality education.

Now let us take you through the best universities in Sweden where any international student would love to study.

Karolinska Institute

Karolinska Institute is fully focused on nurturing students in medical academic research. Being the largest medical university in Sweden, it also offers Sweden a wide range of medical courses and programs that impact the livelihoods of others, especially Sweden and its border countries.

Karolinska Institute has a total of 7,937 students, of which 1,905 are international students with 5,477 female students.

Lund University is second only to Karolinska Institute as the best public university in Sweden. The Lund University Global scholarship has helped many international students since its inception.

Lund University has a total of 9,970 international students with a total student population of 46,000 students. Lund University in 1438 actually trained future ministers.

University of Uppsala

Interestingly, Uppsala University is the oldest of all universities in Sweden. which was founded in 1477. Uppsala University has a total of 26,917 students, of which 4,576 are international students.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

KTH Royal Institute of Technology cannot be left out when choosing universities in Sweden and the world at large that give students a pure and intellectual study in engineering and technology.

The KTH Royal Institute of Technology is undoubtedly the largest institution for technical research and learning. KTH Royal is notable for its research work conducted by students and assisted by well-intentioned lectures.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology has a total of 13,422 students, including 2,819 international students.

In terms of research, Stockholm ranks high among other Swedish universities. Located in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm University has a total student body of 28,072, of which 2,807 are international students.

University of Gothenburg

At the University of Gothenburg, students from Sweden and other international soil learn new things including culture, beliefs and others. With a total number of 21,033 students, 2,734 are international students.

International students who want to have their study stay at the University of Chalmers in Sweden have never made a wrong choice. Chalmers is also notable for collaborating with others on research or innovations that impact the economy and community as a whole. Chalmers has a total student body of 9,573 with 1,723 international students.

Linkoping University

Students from international soil or students from Sweden who want to continue their education in business management at Linköping University has never made a wrong choice. With a total student population of 15,873, 2,222 are international students.

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences has made it to the top 10 Universities in Sweden for its research skills. With a population of 3,906, 273 of the students come from countries outside of Sweden.

University of Örebro

This very last university of the top 10 universities in Sweden is all about providing opportunities to international students who want to have their studies or research in Sweden.

Orebro University has a population size of 9,623, including 577 international students.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Universities In Sweden (FAQ)

What is the cheapest public university in Sweden?

From the side of international students willing to study in Sweden, Stockholm is definitely the best.

Is education free for international students in Sweden?

It is a big yes for EU students and Ph.D. courses, but a big no to international students.

Do you need to know Swedish to study in Sweden?

No, international students who are willing to study their courses in Sweden do not need to prove Swedish language proficiency.

How much does it cost to study in public universities in Sweden?

For international students, studying in Sweden can cost them around SEK 80,000-140,000 per year in tuition fees and SEK 100,000 per year in living expenses.

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