Best running belts for Android phones

When it comes to health and fitness, running is a favorite activity for many today. Not only is it great cardio, but it’s also a great way to de-stress, start your day, or get some afternoon activity after spending four (or more) hours at a desk job. Most runners don’t want to carry extra bulk, but sometimes a phone is necessary. Maybe you use it to play music on your wireless Bluetooth headphones, or maybe your fitness tracker or smartwatch only works with connected GPS and want to log your route. For some, especially women who run in the early hours or late at night, it makes sense to have a phone with you for safety reasons. But where do you put it? Bracelets are a one-way street, but if you really want a completely seamless look and feel, go for a running belt. And there are some great ones to choose from that will work with most, if not all, Android phones.

These are our picks for the best running belts for Android phones

What’s the Best Running Belt for Android Phones?

I remember using the original FlipBelt when it was first introduced years ago, and it remains one of the best options you can buy when it comes to the best running belts for Android phones. The simple, discreet design makes it easy to slide on and off. It fits a variety of waist sizes, given the stretchy material, and with the phone and other items in it, you can almost forget they are on your body. The ability to machine wash it is a huge plus, especially when wearing it while sweating it out on the track or trails.

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