The best thing you can understand your own mind is weaknesses, weaknesses, shortcomings or tendencies can be identified by any other doctor. The doctor may not be able to tell you his secret secrets, but you can understand them well and you can also solve them with your meditation information, beliefs, logic and study ability. As much as this work can be done on its own, no monotherapy can do it perfectly.

Jealousy, selfishness, vindictiveness and cruel abuse are the root causes of all diseases. If your mind remains stagnant or fickle, it means that you hate someone or burn in the furnace of jealousy, selfishness, revenge, anger, etc. The negative thoughts of any protest, yearning, confusion, concussion or conflict create constant unrest. Our mind’s imagination, filthiness, fear, doubt, demands all kinds of compatibility such as dignity, wealth and riches occupy us and make life miserable, for man, fear of many vices, things that cannot happen. Worry constantly makes you sad. No matter how many people are unaware of the unavailability of inert matter such as insignificant values, prestige, public fame, ego. They stay crazy after false ego. We want so much food, so many adornments, so many beautiful women – we bond in most ties with many such fabulous things. The worldly aspirations bind them in bondage and drag them about.

Elimination of diseases with the enlightenment

You can bring these unknown texts to the conscious mind if you wish. If the cause is known and the misery does not go away, there is an urgent need to increase religious feeling. With it, your ill effects, false accusations, petty tragedies will flow into well-being and sweetness. Even a persecuted afflicted from all sides can be completely satisfied with a touch of religion. If you have a religious intellect from the very beginning, why did he have to fall victim to mental illness?

The impure and diseased blood only flows in the human body as long as there are impure thoughts in his mind. Grief and hell can only be seen as long as the mind is preoccupied with the destructive ill-effects of selfishness, jealousy, vengeance and anger. If you want to keep the body healthy, shapeless and healthy, throw off the peace of mind. Completely remove the sense of renunciation, malice and revenge from others. Just as the arrival of light and clean air makes the house fit. In the same way, delights in the thoughts of happiness, friendship, compassion, world friendship, goodness, benevolence, softness make the face beautiful and make the body and mind peaceful and joyful.

Disease prevention with friendship

Malice, anger, envy, selfishness and cruelty are counteracted by friendship. If you want to be free from cowardice, take refuge in the spirit of friendship described in the Yoga Sutra. Friendship spirit is the destroyer of Bruta. Man should be well disposed towards everyone and there is peace in a pure, delightful, beautiful land, there is fulfillment. To remove the instinct from the external substances of the world and remain in the soul. In the same region of the Pacific Ocean, you will have infinite happiness, steady intelligence, and complete fulfillment.

In the morning or evening, relax into these feelings in peace – ‘I am perfect in every way.’ I am satisfied I feel full that the soul is the storehouse of true happiness. I do not do hi-hi to increase the false wealth, honor, prestige, splendor of the world, I have achieved stability in the soul. So I have complete freedom, restlessness, self-satisfaction. I’ve got everything. I don’t need any external resources. Temptation, greed, insatiability, bad fantasies, evil lusts, fears have disappeared from my heart and I have risen to the spiritual high. There are all kinds of power in my soul. I am satisfied with that. ‘

Because you are imbued with such high feelings, the heart will experience an unusual peace and the ignorance will disappear and the light of knowledge will begin to shine in your conscience. Whose mind is not absorbed in non-matter, he remains constant and concentrated in the universal consciousness.