Armed Forces of Ukraine liberate village of Yatskivka in Donetsk Oblast and improve positions near Bakhmut

FRIDAY 23 SEPTEMBER 2022, 14:33

Ukraine’s armed forces liberated the village of Yatskivka in Donetsk Oblast and recaptured the positions they had previously lost on the Bakhmut Front.

Source: Oleksii Hromov, Brigadier General and Deputy Chief of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army, at the briefing on September 23

Quote: “By continuing offensive operations, Ukraine’s armed forces have gained control of the Yatskivka settlement east of the Oskil River.”

“Our troops are improving their tactical position[s]. Thanks to the timely regrouping of the units of one of the mechanized brigades and a high level of combat organization, we managed to recapture the lost position and take the positions south of Bakhmut under our control.”

Details: Hromov added that the situation on the Bakhmut front remained complicated, but contained. Russian forces continue to attack to drive Ukrainian units from their positions. The Ukrainian army is in control, despite fierce attacks by Russians.


On September 18, it was announced that Ukrainian armed forces are controlling not only the right, but also the left bank of the Oskil River in Kharkiv Oblast.

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